January 23, 2009

Coupon shopping, is fun. I am one of THOSE people, lol. I sit and go through the ads and match up my coupons and see how much I can get for my money. I get free stuff, and stuff for less than a dollar all the time. I don't even subscribe to the Sunday paper anymore (or buy it regularly)...and I need to because I could do so much more, lol. I haven't subscribed since we lived in Portsmouth...

I don't normally shop at Kmart because their prices are so high on a lot of things, I will browse every once in awhile but this week they were doubling coupons up to $3 (so, a 3 coupon would double to $6 off!)...so I went through my coupons and pulled out everything that wouldn't normally double at the grocery store (anything for $1 or more off), and we went to browse Kmart and see what I could do that would be a better deal than just using the undoubled coupon somewhere else.

I walked out with this:

And this is what I paid: $17.15. I saved nearly $40. That worked out to less than $1 per item since I got 18 things.

Score! :o)