June 27, 2009

Went to Walgreens again for .26 toothpaste, shaving cream, highlighter, and $3 to spend on a future trip!! ;P

Hit CVS and bought 10 more SoyJoy bars, spent $0.00, and "earned" $12 in ECBs!! Completely free bars!

This was a special trip. I didn't need anything, but we were planning a trip to Hershey Park and Giant had a promotion going on where if you bought a $40 of Kraft products, you would recieve a free ticket.
Tickets normally retail $51.95 for adults, so it's a deal in itself...but if you use coupons?? Totally worth it to go shopping and load up on groceries with this promotion since we were going to have to buy tickets anyway.
Bought all of that, spent $96.23 (total savings listed on receipt, $117.72), and got 4 free tickets (and gas points)!! Now, I normally would NOT spend what I did on those particular items, however the tickets would have cost $207.80 to just buy at the park... so overall it was not bad at ALL.
The manager at Giant was totally impressive as well... we had I think 8 packs of hot dogs on our list (they were b1g1 and the free didn't count for the $40 amount, so we would have only been buying 4, actually) to make the deal work...but once we got there, of course on the last day of the promotion, they were OUT of Oscar Mayer dogs... my mom talked to the manager, and he said to just get everything else on our list, and he would "make it work," so that we got all four tickets like we had planned to. NICE customer service. And yay for mom who doesn't give up like I probably would have and just bought something else on the list without coupons :o)
Also, I know, picture quality is horrible... my camera is on the fritz :o(
What did I end up buying?
6 Breakstones sour cream
2 Cool Whip
3 Digiorno pizzas
4 California Pizza Kitchen pizzas
1 Triscuit
1 Honey Maid Graham crackers
1 Wheat Thins toasted chips
7 Chips Ahoy cookies
7 Capri Suns
2 bricks of Philly Cream Cheese
2 Deli Fresh lunch meats
1 Kraft dressing
1 Kraft bbq sauce
2 Kraft cheese chunks
1 Planters Peanuts jar
1 Crystal Lights
1 larger Crystal Light
8 Wheat Thins
Still hard to believe, all that, AND four tickets...for less than the cost of four tickets!

June 25, 2009

1 Aquafresh Advanced toothpaste ($3 - $1coupon), 1 Skintimate shave gel ($1.99 - $1 coupon), 1 mini highlighter ($.14). Used a $3 Register Reward, total out of pocket? $.26! Earned a $3 RR!

June 24, 2009

10 SoyJoy bars, and 2 ThermaCare neck wraps. Total out of pocket? $1.48...I "earned" $12.98 in ExtraCareBucks!

June 23, 2009

Weekly grocery trip... $45.87. Husband approved...but all we really needed was produce and I think I spent too much.

Highlights, found more Pull Ups on clearance... $5.49, 3 packs, used two $3 coupons and one $2.

Land o Lakes butter, 5 for .57 each.

Miniwheats, .50/box

I had a coupon for 2 free Velveeta cups, and a b1g1, so I paid $1 for 4.

Rinaldi pasta sauce, .75/each

Pop Secret popcorn, .80/box.

Land o Lakes deli cheese, .99 for a half pound (got 2 half lbs, used 2 $1 coupons).

Wicker basket, clearance for 3.99 (down from 9.99...but it'll be great in Ava's closet for toys).

June 19, 2009

Trip to Target...

Pepsi, $3/each, minus $1 Target coupons, made them $2 each.

Special K Cereal...used a buy 2 cereals get crackers free coupon, I forget how much the cereal was.

8 packs of Nexcare bandages.
9 (more, lol) of those Glade candle tins.

2 Glade fabric and air sprays, free plus overage! I had a b1g1 coupon from the paper, and lucked out that my Target had $2 Target coupons on each bottle! They were $3.xx, so after the $4 in Target coupons...overage!

I spent $8.xx

And my mother beat me. Sort of!! She spent FIFTEEN cents! BUT, I got more than she did, and I saved $60.xx, and she saved $20.xx... SO THERE! (Stay tuned for the next episode of The Coupon Wars, 'cause mom's going DOWN) :P~~~

Then I went to Walgreens... nothing exciting there...

2 Oreo Cakesters, 2/$5. Used 2 $1 coupons, made it 2/$3. They give you back a $3 RR this month.
St. Ives body wash, was $2.99, also gave back a $3 RR
The Hefty zipper bags, were b1g1, used 2 $1 coupons, made them .65/box.
Also got a couple of caramels to even out my coupon to item ratio so I could use some old RR I had.
Spent about $3 out of my pocket, got back $6 in RR. I was NOT thrilled at spending $3, but at least I got back $6, lol.

June 18, 2009

So what's been in your mail box recently?

I love checking the mail! I never know what might show up! :o)

A Bounce dryer bar from Vocalpoint. I absolutely love this thing. It smells so good, and it works really well! It's nice not to have to remember to put a dryer sheet in, especially for those times when I'm just fluffing the clothes because I forgot about them and they're wrinkly...and then fluffing turns into a full dryer cycle because I'm absent minded (and if you give a Mom a Muffin...), and then the clothes are full of static again because you didn't think you'd need to put another dryer sheet in with them since you only intended it to be a few minutes before you went back to fold them. *ahem* Not that that happens frequently around here or anything...

Coupons from Kraft First Taste for 2 Free Velveeta cups, and a b1g1 coupon.

A sample pack of 4C drink mixes, 4 different flavors.

Socks and a $1.50 coupon from Kerasal.

A sample of Sun Crystals.

A Garnier face cream sample.

Dove shampoo/conditioner sample and coupon.
My weekly grocery trip, spent $53.64...saved? $80.54. I do feel I could have done better. Also, keep in mind, I stockpile, so this is NOT all my family eats for the week and much of this won't even be consumed this week.

Notice there are no meats or frozen vegetables, I already have plenty in my freezer and didn't see any good bargains on them this week so I opted not to buy any. That's why I love stockpiling, if there isn't a good sale on something we normally use, I don't NEED to buy it. (and I promise there are fresh vegetables and fruit behind the milk, haha)

Some coupon highlights from this trip

  • 8 bags of Chex Mix, 3.36 TOTAL, and it would have been 2.36 but 2 of my coupons didn't double because the cashier put them in manually and didn't scan them. Oh well, that's still .42/bag :o) These were buy 1 get one free, and I could use a coupon on each item. I had several .50 coupons (2 doubled to $1), and a couple $1/2 coupons from the paper. Using two doubled to $1 coupons on 2 bags, made it 2 for .09, and using the two undoubled made 2 bags for 1.09, and using the two $1/2 coupons made 4 bags for $2.18.
  • Coffee-mate, free after a coupon. (I emailed them and complimented their product)
  • Cream cheese, .79 after coupon ($1 coupon from a magazine)
  • Wipes, $1 after coupon (.75 from a home mailer, doubled)
  • Eggs, free after store coupon
  • Land O Lakes butter, .57 each (.55 coupons from the paper, they doubled)
  • Aquafresh toothpaste, free and .50 overage (they paid me to buy it!) (.75 coupon)
  • Gillette body wash AND shampoo, free! (used $1 coupons from the paper on each, store had a $5 off promotion if you bought 2)
  • Reese's Puffs (my husbands addiction), .90/box (.55 coupons, doubled)
  • Turkey Hill diet green tea (also the husbands), .30/each (.35 coupons from emailing them, doubled)
  • Good Life Recipe cat food, $1.49 after coupon ($3 coupon)
  • Digiorno Flatbread melts, 8 for $5 after coupons, and I will get $3 back in a rebate! That's .63 each if you don't count the rebate, .25 each if you do! Can't beat that for quick lunches for hubby to take to work if he needs something. I had a raincheck, so they were $2 each, and I had a variety of coupons, including a free one, a $1.50, and a few others I can't find online right now.
  • Ellio's pizza, $5 for all 4 (2/$5, used 2 b1g1 coupons)
  • Ice cream - 1.50, used a $1 store coupon
  • Activia yogurt, .50 (used a $1 coupon from the paper, and a $1.50 store coupon)
  • Scott toilet tissue, .49 (used a $1 coupon from the paper, and a $2 store coupon)
  • Cascade Rinse Agent, free (home mailer)

June 15, 2009

The other day, I was watching TLC, and a commercial for What Not to Wear came on. Ava immediately said "Mommy! You should be on that show!" I just laughed and said "I should? Why?" and she said "So you can look wonderful!" lol


Last night, she asked in her own roundabout way to go to bed all by herself ::sniffle:: "Mommy, I will go upstairs to lay in my bed to sleep, and you go do laundry. But you check on me later, okay?" Tucked her in, sat with her a minute, she said I could go do the laundry now, and she actually went to sleep. :o)


Charlotte grabbed a pretzel out of thing of snack mix and I said "Heyyy, that's mine!" just playing around, so she licked it, set it in my lap, and said "Here. Eat this," and got a new one, LOL


Mike and I were "arguing" about something today (just joking around) and Ava said "Hey you two guys, no fighting!" hahaha


The other day in Kmart, we were in the aisle with the paper goods, Charlotte all the sudden squealed "NAKED BUTT!" and she was just so tickled, saw what she was looking at, it was the baby on the Angel Soft packages :o)
I thought instead of emailing, a blog might be a better option to share some of the awesome deals I've gotten. That way you can come and see whenever you want to, and I'm not filling up your inbox. :o) I will try to link to the coupons I used if they're available on the 'net too and hopefully you can create some of your own great deals!

So here's my Walmart and Target scores for yesterday, and I may or may not do a post with previous deals... if I can figure out how to back-date and such, I probably will.


13 Glade candle tins. SEVENTEEN CENTS EACH. They are not sealed so you can open them in the store, and in some of them, there are $1.50 coupons. They are on sale at Target for $1.67 (not marked at mine, but they scan at that price), so I opened every single one they had on the shelf and bought all of them that had coupons in them (using the coupons, of course), haha. They didn't have many on the shelf, I only left probably six... hopefully they restock soon!! :o) ...but seriously, $2.21 for 13 of those candles!! They are normally priced at $2.99 each!! Aweeeesome deal.

I also had 2 buy any glade candle tin, get a free refill pack... so those two refill packs were FREE.

3 Johnson & Johnson travel first aid kits, FREE

2 Vaseline Aloe Fresh travel size - FREE ($1 coupon, IE or Firefox)

2 Dove face lotion travel size - FREE

3 Almay eye makeup remover packs - FREE

4 Nexcare bandages 8 packs (Princesses and Cars) - FREE ($1 coupon, here)

5 Crystal Light to-go packs - FREE (try http://www.coupons.com/)

Degree Arctic Sport - FREE (used a Target coupon, in addition to a $1 coupon from the paper)

Degree Girl Just Dance - FREE

Hangers... the kid/baby hangers were $1.02/each, and I think the regular were $1.72.

I only paid $5 for all of that. ^^ My reciept said I saved $91.xx!! :o)


2 Kraft bbq sauces - free (http://www.coupons.com/)
Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches - $2.25 after coupon... treat for the kiddos
2 Blue Bunny ice cream quarts - $2 each after coupons
3 Bagelfuls - .88 each (http://www.coupons.com/)
2 Bar S hot dogs - .38 each

White Cloud TP - $1
8 Johnsons Softlotions - free
3 lint rollers - free
4 Kotex - free
3 Nexcare bandages - one was $1, and the other two were .97 each. (coupon in Target deal above)

Also not pictures, M&Ms and a PB Twix, both free.

Spent $12.xx...some of the coupons had a little overage :o)

backdated trips, here we goooooooooooooooo...

Walgreens 6/5:

I messed up HORRIBLY. I let a $5 register reward EXPIRE. I almost said just put everything back, LOL. Actually, I did say that, but then I said oh what the heck. I was paying with a gift card I'd won from Coke anyway.
Anyway, I got 2 boxes of Kleenex, each were .55 on clearance. The Dawn was free after a $1 coupon and the store coupon that made it .99. The Ecotrin was $2 and I had a $2 coupon, so that was free. The Kerasal was $7.99, and I had a $1 coupon... total was like $8.50, and I got back $9 in RR (5, 2, and 2)... One box of Ecotrin, Hubby bought :o) He just got in line behind me, and that was all he bought, lol...he got the $0.00 total and got the $2 RR. Sweet :o) I was so mad at myself about that $5, since then my total would have been like 3.50 instead...but oh well.

CVS 6/5:

Paid .48 after using coupons and some ECBs and I got back 2 $4 ECBs (more than what I used). Not shabby.

Kmart DOUBLES 6/8:

3 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (I wanted to "Win CASH!" lol...but I did not.)
They were $2/box, I used a $1/3 coupon...so 3 boxes for $4.
Hershey 100 Cal bars... .99 after a $1 doubled coupon.

3 packs of Pull Ups. 9.99 each, minus 3 $2 coupons doubled to $4... 5.99/pack.
(I bought 2 packs of the WRONG size too, ugh..Ava's too big for 2-3T and they barely even fit Charlotte)
Clean and Clear - .49
Act - .49
St Ives - .69
MAC eyeshadow - free
3 NYC glosses - free

Pert Plus - .49 (and I will get back $3.49 from their Try Me Free rebate!)
3 Axe shampoos, .99 each (and buying 3 got my a free movie ticket!)
Lysol Neutra Air...I want to say it was .29
3 Sani Hands wipes - .49/each
Electrasol - $1.79 after coupon
Huggies wipes - free

Earned a $3 off your next order coupon,
and the Free Movie Ticket from Axe.

Spent like $30, but that was the Pull Ups doing...blech! LOL...saved almost $70 in coupons

Weis - 6/12:

Hit the diaper sale jackpot!

Luvs - 3.99/pack!! (6)
Pull Ups - 5.49/pack
Easy Ups - 5.49

I had no coupons for the Luvs, but 3.99 is a goooood deal so got them...
I had a $5 coupon for Pull ups, a $4, and two $3...so one pack for .49, another for $1.49, and two for $2.49.
I had a $1 coupon for the Easy Ups, so they were $4.49...

Total for all of them, $35.39... average it out and that makes them $3.22/pack!

Kohls - 6/12:

I had $10 Kohl's cash that was expiring (special promotion at the store near us b/c they were remodeling)

4 shirts (yes, we like pink!), all for $3.60 after the Kohl's cash.

CVS 6/12:

1 Gilette Fusion razor... $7.99, minus $4 coupon, and $3.99 ECB... total owed, nothiiiiing! $0.00, lol. Earned $4 ECB. Also printed out a $5 off $15 coupon on my reciept...so since I needed my Revlon makeup I went back in, lol.

4 cans of Campbells soup, I had a raincheck so they were 2 for $1... also had two $1 off 2 coupons, so they were all free, lol.
2 Revlon foundations, 13.29, b1g1. I also had a $2 CVS coupon for it... I was mad I didn't have any mfg coupons, lol...but oh well.

So since the total before coupons was over $15, I could use the $5/15, then the $2 CVS Revlon coupon, then the 2 $1 soup coupons, and I used 2 ECBS...a $4 and a $2... total I paid for everything was .29! Scoooore on the makeup, lol. Too bad they weren't producing ECBs, haha..but I can't really complain.

Walgreens 6/12:

2 Reach toothbrushes, on sale for .99, used a $1.50 off 2 Reach products coupon, made them .28 each.

Purex detergent/softener sheets... $4.99, after a $1 coupon.

M&Ms as a filler so I could use my $5 RR...not sure what I had to get them, but it wasn't accepting my RR at checkout so I just grabbed them and said try it after ringing those up and it worked... so... after using that $5 I paid $1.33, and got back $2.

I will also get back $5.99 from Purex because they have a rebate offer for those sheets!! :o)

Kmart doubles AGAIN, lol 6/12:

Clean & Clear - .49
St. Ives - .69
Dove (4) - free
Act (2) - .49/each
Listerine (2) - free
Axe Shampoo - .99
Axe body wash - 1.49
Axe body wash - 2.49
(2 differnt coupons for the body wash)
(AND I wouldn't have bought them, but I wanted the movie ticket for buying 3 Axe products,
only to discover after checking out that promotion was over on the 9th..grrr, lol)
Sani Hands Wipes (2) - .49/each
Oust surface spray - free
Out air spray (2) - free
Glade carpet powder - .19
Huggies wipes (2) - free
Reach floss (2) - free
2 pairs of shorts - 3.50each
2 shirts - 3.50 each
(shirts not pictured, lol..we went out for dinner after Kmart,
and the kids had been at my mom's getting messy while I shopped, so it's lucky I bought shirts, lol)

I used a $5/50 coupon, and I had the $3 store coupon from the last trip, but they wouldn't let me use them both...and this order printed me a $7 coupon!! Sooooo, I went back in, lol

2 tank tops for the girls, $1.79 each. Paid .58 after the $3 store coupon.

Did a second transaction...

Mr Bubble - .79
Dove (4) - free
Clean & Clear - .49
MAC Eyeshadow - free
2 pairs of shorts - 3.50 each (the floral/hibiscus)
1 pair of sleep/lounge shorts - 1.79...

Total after the $7 store coupon, $1.78.