October 30, 2010

Yet another free to me/used survey gift cards at Amazon to add to our Disney movie collection.

Like new condition (it even still had the Disney Movie Reward code in it, and it hadn't been used!  Score 100 extra unexpected DMR points!).  It was $5.20 shipped...but of course, free to me. 

October 29, 2010

Rite Aid.

2 large bags of candy (I think they are like 4lb bags!  They were on sale for $9.99),
3 normal size bags of candy ($2.50/each),
1 nail polish, (.99.... and I totally messed up, I thought it was $1.99.  If it had been I would have gotten back one more $1 UP)
1 mascara,  ($1.99)
5 Disney figures (.99 each)
1 Contour USB meter (on sale for $29.99)

Total spent -  $5.32 out of pocket after my coupons and my UP rewards.  Earned a $1 UP reward and a $10 UP reward.

I wasn't really thrilled about spending $5...buuuuut, I needed Halloween candy anyway, and for all of that?  $5 is pretty cheap.  If you think about it I could have just not bought the little Disney figures and then all my candy would have been just .37, haha. 


I had a raincheck that made these 2 for $3. 

I used a $1 coupon on each box to take my total down to $1.  Used a $1 ECB to take my total down to zero.

Got back a $2 ECB.  So basically they paid me $1 to buy two boxes of oatmeal.  :o)

October 28, 2010

$5.19 for a "Like New" copy of Brother Bear.  Purchased at Amazon.  With gift certificates for taking surveys... free to me.  :o) 

October 23, 2010

Yay for surveys!

I don't know why but I laughed when I opened this one.  I was expecting a check and out fell a ten dollar bill.  Awesome!

Rite Aid.

Paid $32.42 out of pocket.  I KNOW.  Crazy.  For me at least.  But I am trying to get more into the Rite Aid rebates, so I figured I'd use my survey/rebate money account and purchase the free after rebate stuffs, and then when the rebate checks come I'll just replenish it.  And considering the money in that account pretty much comes from surveys and rebates, still free in a way. 

So yeah, paid $32.42 out of pocket, but I got back a $2 UP reward, and I will be getting a $37.42 in rebate checks.  I could have done better, I didn't print/bother to bring a few coupons I could have used, but oh well.  Still made a profit of $7!  :o) 

I am up to almost $100 in rebates this month and the month isn't even over yet.  Yeah!  :o)
My husband needed new jeans, so off we went yesterday to Sears, with a couple of the $10 off $20 coupons to see what we could find.  Not only did we find him two pairs of jeans for a great price, but we found coats for the girls and a few other things.  The coats actually came in 3-piece sets, with jeans and a long sleeved top as well.  They were originally $44!  On sale for $19.80!  We split them up into three transactions to make the best of the coupons, and added in a small filler type item to get our total up to $20 to make the coupon work. 

 (I love my hubby's thumb's up, lol...)

 First we got hubby's new jeans... They were on sale for $12.99 a pair.  They had a lot of great sales/clearance yesterday.

 With the coupon it ended up being $15.98 for two pairs, or just $7.99 each. 

Then we got the girls stuff and one little item for me that is not pictured, lol. 

I don't know why my pictures like to turn on their sides when I upload them... anyway...  for one transaction with one of the jacket sets, and a set of 3 gloves (originally $7, marked down to $3.15), it was $12.95.  For what was originally $51?  Nice! 

The other transaction was for one of the sets, a pair of shorts that were marked down to $1.99, and a little something for myself that was $3.79.  Total for that transaction was $15.58.  ...so, for those two transactions $28.53 for two coats, two shirts, two pairs of girls jeans, three pairs of gloves, one pair of shorts and one bra...not bad! 
This was $7.27 shipped at Amazon, but free to me from taking surveys!  :o)

These were $3.49 and $2.99 at the grocery store yesterday, and they had Try Me Free rebate forms attached.  Something to look out for, yay for free bread!  :o)
Finally got the rebate check for the lunch totes I purchased from Target, awhile back. 


Mail day, courtesy of Amazon and SURVEYS.  All of this was free to me!

Tarzan II was $3.56 shipped, in Like New condition from a third party seller.  I collect Disney movies, but we watch them so I don't really care if they aren't brand new as long as they are in good condition. 

Christmas with the Chipmunks was $4.94 shipped, brand new, sealed, from a third party seller.

The Nutcracker Prince was $2.37 shipped, brand new, factory sealed!  Can you tell I have had Christmas on the brain?  Terrible, I know, it's not even Halloween yet.

I grew up with that version of The Night Before Christmas.  I've been looking for a nice hardcover to read to the girls every year on Christmas Eve, and as I was browsing Amazon this caught my eye.  It was used from a third party seller, but it was $3.37 shipped, and of course all of these items were free to me because I had gift certificates.  It's in really great condition, too, almost like new.  I loved looking at the illustrations as a child, so I'm hoping my girls enjoy it too.  :o)

October 20, 2010

I love survey companies that pay with Amazon gift certificates!  I found these Richard Scarry dvd's marked down to $5.99 each.  I have a free Amazon Prime trial right now so I was able to pay for them with my gift certificates, making them FREE to me, and get them shipped free as well.  These have 30 episodes of them, very nice collections. 

Tucking them away for Christmas.  :o)


October 17, 2010

 Wow!  Amazon/Target has the LeapFrog (Green) Tag Reading System for only $12.99 shipped!

That's a great price!! 

LeapFrog TAGĂ‚ Reading System - Green

 My girls (4 and 2) love theirs, they each have one and it keeps them occupied and they have a blast.  My two year old has no problem using hers. 
I can't guarantee how long this price will last.  Amazon seems to be famous for raising/lowering prices within a few minutes time.  I have gotten in on a lot of fantastic prices for items, and missed out on quite a few too. 

October 15, 2010

Mail day...

The teeny tiny super cute box of tissues from Kleenex,  and a $9.99 rebate check from Rite Aid. 

October 10, 2010

$35 toy for $9.90! 

I have been eyeing these for Christmas gifts for the girls.  I got another $10 Kohl's Cash sent to me from the store that recently opened up near by, as well as a 15% off coupon.  The house was on sale 40% off, down to $20.99 from $34.99, and after the $10 Kohl's cash and the 15%, just $9.90!

My mom got a $10 that she said I could have so I can go back and get the other one to make things even, lol.  :o)

October 7, 2010

Food Lion:

10 Boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch - $4 total!

Two transactions of five each.  Got $3 off instantly when $10 was purchased, and they were 5/$10.  I used $1 coupons on each box for a total of $8 off each transaction.  Same price for 5 boxes as it was for just one box!!

October 6, 2010

I really have no idea why blogger keeps turning my pictures on to their sides, lol.
Toys R Us - Total spent: 19.46!  

Beauty and the Beast DVD/Bluray - 22.99
2 Princess dolls - 11.99/each -  23.98
Belle Tea Cart - 24.99
2 mini paint sets - 2/$1
(not pictured) Toy Story 3 Pre-sale - $5

I had pre-ordered Beauty and the Beast for $5 earlier so that took off $5.
Got $10 off Beauty and the Beast for pre-ordering Toy Story
Used a $10 coupon for Beauty and the Beast
Got the Tea Cart FREE for buying $40 in Princess items (the two dolls and the dvd)
Used the $10 gift card I got when I picked up the new Tinkerbell movie a few weeks ago.  :o)

Pretty good deal I think, $20 for $77.96 worth of items! 

I put the dolls/paint sets/tea cart away for Christmas.

 Rite Aid -
Total spent out of pocket: $3.74.  I added one too many toothpastes, lol.  I did not do any math before I went into the store. 

Used $9 in UP rewards, got back $18.03 in UP rewards.  Profit of $5.29  :o)

Spent right about $5.  This was 3 transactions.  Spent more than I wanted to but my math was off.  I added the price after ECBs rather than the price before ECBs when I was making up my list. Whoops.

October 1, 2010

Free at CVS!  :o) 

I used more ECBs than I got back, but hey, still free.  I got back $6 in ECB to spend later.
Rite Aid:

4 Old Spice - $4 each.  $16.
4 Gillette - $4 each.  $16.  
1 Crest 3D White - $2.99
M&Ms - .88 (an "Oh rats, my total is one cent short again!!  Have to grab the first thing I see," purchase, lol)

Used a $5/25 and a $4/20. 
$1 off Shaving Care/Accessories
$1 off Beauty Care/Accessories
Four Buy 1 Get 1 Coupons that took off $4 each.
Three $1 manufacturer coupons (I forget for what...Gillette and/or Old Spice though of course..I think one was for the Crest though now that I think about it)

Used a $5 UP reward, and paid .87!

 And to top it off, I only spent $5 in UP rewards, but I got back $12, and a $2 rebate!  :o)  Profit of $8.13!