July 29, 2009

Paid $1.92 (only because the cashier didn't know how to adjust the value of an ECB down a few cents, lol... I figured it wouldn't kill me to spend a little in there every once in awhile so I didn't press it).
Not pictured, M&M's - free after coupon
Colgate 360 Toothbrush - 2.88, used a $1 coupon
Schick travel pack razors - .99, used a $1 coupon adjusted to .99 = free
Bic Triumph pens - $3.99 each, buy 1 get 1 free. Used two $2 coupons = 2 packs for FREE
Memo books - .99 each
Got back $1 ECB for each Memo book ($2), and I think it was $2 for the toothbrush... so $4 to spend in CVS for an out of pocket of $1.92. Good enough :o)

July 28, 2009

All FREE after coupons!!!

Actually, the Ortega seasoning was .04 a packet, BUT, the Jenni-O ground turkey, was $1.92 and I had a $5 coupon, so I got overage...making everything you see FREE.

Sweet :o)

July 24, 2009

Todays trip to the grocery store...

12 boxes of Hamburger/Tuna Helper, after coupons they were .49/box. I *hate* this stuff, lol...I obviously don't eat it, but I don't even like to cook it. Husband likes it though, so I stock up when it's on sale and I have coupons... it will probably be 6 months to a year before I buy it again.

2 cans of Hunt pasta sauce, $1 each.

2 Softsoap hand soaps, $1 each. $1 coupons for each, free.

2 Sparkle paper towel rolls, $1 each

2 Angel Soft 4 packs, $1 each... I had two $2 off any Angel Soft and Sparkle coupons, so all the paper towels and the toilet tissue were free.

2 Rubbermaid TakeAlongs (2 in each)... $1. Used $1 coupons on each, free.

1 Hamburger rolls (12ct), $1

1 Hotdog rolls (12ct), $1

6 Knorr sides, $1 each. Used 2 .45 coupons, each doubled. So all in all, .70 each.

2 Chef Boyardee, $1 each. $1 coupons. Free.

1 Ecotrin, full size 80ct pharmacy sample! Free.

2 Cheeze-Its, $2.50 each, used .75 coupons, doubled. $1/box after coupons.

1 YoPlait YoPlus yogurt 4-pack, $1 after coupon.

7 YoPlait yogurts, .50 each, used a .40/6 coupon (doubled) and a free coupon (cashier took off .75)... .21/each.

DiGiorno flatbread melt, $3...used free item coupon.

Bananas and apples... I don't know how much they were, but I had a $3 off produce store coupon.

Total spent, $17.86!! 45 items. Total savings (coupons and store card) = $57.83!!

Walgreens today...
3 rolls of Scotch tape, .39/each, used a $1 off 3 coupon. .17 each!
1 pack of Pilot G2 pens, $1, generated a $1 Register Reward :o)
3 Dove soap bars, .99/each, used $1 coupons on each... all free.
1 Dawn dish soap, .99...used a $1 coupon, free.
1 pack of sheet protectors...sale for $1.99... hubby asked for these and they just happened to be on sale for the amount I needed to use on a RR that was expiring!
3 packs of Bic highlighters... .49/each. Used a $1 off 2 coupon, so 2 were free. I bought 3 because the coupon wouldn't scan and the cashier said I had to get 3 so the amount was higher than the coupon value...(I knew that "trick," lol, but I didn't know if the coupon would beep or not, or if the cashier would adjust the value) so, .47 for three packs of highlighters...not bad.
I didn't intend to purchase anything else but as I was browsing the store I saw their seed boxes were 75% off... so, 4/$1!
I used a $3 RR...paid $1.97 plus tax...

July 21, 2009

  • Ava's been in bed since about 7 tonight... I don't know if she actually fell asleep again (she took a late nap on the couch), but she was quiet. She just came down to use the potty (she just haaaas to tell me when she has to, lol, it's funny)... took care of that, tucked her back in and she says "Mommy my tummy was just growlin'! Growlin' and growlin' for a banana." LOL... so we came downstairs, had a banana, and she's back in bed. Silly girl.
  • To go with her having to tell me when she has to go potty, the other morning I woke up early to her in our bed, sound asleep. When she woke up and I asked her why she came to our bed, she said because "I was TRYING to tell you I had to go potty! But you wouldn't wake up!" Ohhh... so, did she go potty, I asked? "No, 'cause you wouldn't wake up. I just got in your bed and went to sleep." Ooookay, then. :o) She will actually go in to the bathroom, remember that she didn't tell me, and run back out to tell me before going back in to go... lol.
  •  So, the other day in the car, Ava asked for her baby (doll). I asked her which one, and she replies "The one that doesn't talk." ??? Well, she has lots of dolls, and none of her dolls talk (well one did, but it needs new batteries). Soooo, I'd like to know what all her other dolls are talking to her about, haha.
  • Ava picks up a toy phone, "Hello?? You wake me up. You know that? Okay. Bye!" ::sigh:: "It was a telemarker." (yes, telemarker, lol) 
  •  The girls are sitting on my bed watching a movie while I am cleaning upstairs, I hear this: Ava: Charlotte! Did you touch my flip flop? Charlotte: Yeah. Ava: Why? Charlotte: 'Cause. Ava: Well. Hold on. I go tell mommy. ::pitter patter of little feet:: Ava: Mommy, Charlotte touch my flip flop and IT WAS MINE! r.o.f.l.
  • And my kids aren't the only funny ones around here... only I'm a different kind of funny than they are, lol. The dryer attacked me today and it was totally my fault. I opened the door really fast, and stuck my arm in to grab clothes... well I went in at an angle and my arm got caught on the... the things that stick out to help tumble the clothes. Pulled my arm with it and squished it at the top of the dryer door. OW. It was all red for a bit and now that's gone but it still hurts.
Ran in to CVS today.

I had a "plan" as always, but out of stock stuff threw me off. I should be used to that, lol... I should just bring a small notebook and a pen in with me for calculations, haha.

Anyway.. I ended up with,
2 packs of 10 pens, .99 each
2 notebooks, .99 each (used a raincheck from last week)
2 packs of paper, $2 each
2 Honey Nut Cheerios cereal cups, $1 each. Used a $1 coupon (IE or Firefox ), made them free.
2 Febreeze Noticables, $6.50 each (I had a raincheck), used a $4 coupon on each, making them $2.50
2 Speed Sticks, $2.99 each (they were out of these, I asked for a rain check, and they told me to just pick any other kind they had and they'd price match and still give me the ECB. Threw off my calculations again, but it's okay, lol) and I had $1.50 off coupons for each.
1 Binder, $3(not the correct one, I had asked for a raincheck on that too, but they offered a better quality substitution... again, threw off my calculations... so I only ended up with 1 instead of the 2 I had wanted since I was expecting a rain check... but oh well, no big deal..)

Total spent (thank you $3 binder and $2.98 Speedstick I wasn't expecting to purchase right then! LOL...I had enough ECB's to cover only one, the Speedstick or the binder...not both)... $3.81, after coupons and ECB's I had on hand.

Earned... $4 for the paper, $1.98 for the pens

$4 for the Speedstick, $2 for the notebooks, $3 for the binder, and $10 for the Febreeze
So I spent $3.81 and got back just under $25! My reciept said I saved $42.88...

And I always like to see my spending vs my savings on my reciept, even if they don't keep it current, it's close enough. My Summer 2009 Spending, $1.89 (as of 7/13)...year to date savings? $315.10 (I don't think that includes manufacturer's coupons either)!!! I'm not sure what my Fall, Winter and Spring spending were...but I think they were all very low...If I remember correctly Spring was $12.xx.

July 20, 2009

I have a folder in my bookmarks, with all the sweepstakes and instant win games I come across that you can enter daily. I don't always have time to enter all of them, but if I have time to sit down I will enter what I can. It's another fun way to "save." :o)

I started a couple months ago, I know I posted a few wins, but I thought I'd share a few more...

I've won several $25 gift cards (3, maybe 4?) and a pair of movie tickets twice from My Coke's Twist Txt Get instant win. You can enter without a code through their official rules, section 5b. I just won a pair of movie tickets last night.

I won a $230 value digital camera from Kraft S'Mores Truly Yours!! I'm so excited about that one, but I don't know anything about the camera...I won it a couple weeks ago and it said it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive.

I won one of these prize packages a few weeks ago, it was a complete surprise when it showed up! :o)

Every once in awhile I will enter a blog giveaway if a blog I read regularly posts one, and I happened to win a giveaway for Dropps laundry detergent over at For The Mommas (the ONLY blog I've found that posts deals for my favorite local grocery store!). They just showed up this evening! Can't wait to try them out. :o)

CVS last week.

2 Rulers (let the kids hold them in the car... Charlotte snapped one... whoops, lol), free after ECB
2 pairs of scissors, free after ECB
2 pack of Papermate Pens (this was a "filler," it was close to the price I needed to be able to use my ECB...since they were out of what I had planned to get instead...I got a rain check)
Tylenol Arthritis, $3.99, used a $2 coupon, so I "paid" $1.99 for it and got back $3 in ECB.

I didn't really pay for any of it... well a little, lol, tax was .10 and I paid .24 total out of my pocket :o)

Why pay for veggies when you can just walk into your backyard and get what you need? :o)

Picked these earlier today...

The next two pictures, were from last week. I loooove all the zucchini and yellow squash... and the girls are quite enjoying being able to pick peas and just eat them outside, lol. With all their help, I doubt I will end up getting enough at one time for a meal :o) They are a tasty little snack though, nice and sweet.

I'm really just playing aroud this year, I've never planted a veggie garden before so it's been a fun learning experience. Next year I'll be able to plan better now that I have seen first hand how big some things get and how much space they need and hopefully I'll get more return. I'd like to add in two (or more? lol) more raised beds. I have the wood for one, but I'm a bit ocd about having things even so I need to get enough for another before I bribe the husband in to putting them together. I guessssss I could put them together myself... if I have to... buuut I keep him around for a reason, you know! For playing with tools and taking out the trash. ;o)

July 11, 2009

Kmart toy clearance again... I think I'm done for now! LOL... I really spent WAY more than I'd planned to this past week with all the toys, but when you figure how much of a dent on Christmas/birthdays it has done, it's not so bad.

4 Disney Princess dolls, 2.50 each, down from 9.99
Cinderella board game, 4.50, originally 17.99
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse play set, 16.50... was originally 43.99...so the sticker on it says, lol
Bathing Suit baby doll, 2.50 (down from 10)
Little Einsteins Rocket playset, xx... down from $43.99 ;P
found another Princess arts & crafts backpack, 2.50 (clearanced at $5)
Glade candle tin, .29
4 Dove deodorants, free
Listerine Strips Pocketpack, free

Used the $5/20 coupon for each transaction (did 2), paid about $38 for everything...receipt is in my wallet...


Ran in to Walgreens to use a RR that was expiring... 3 Listerines at $3 each. Used 3 $2 coupons. Grabbed the highlighter as a filler (.14) and was intending to just pay .14 + tax on all after using the $3 RR I had... buuuut I am a sucker and bought a PayDay because the cashier (my favorite one) would get credit for it :o) I should have told her to take the highlighter off since I didn't need it then, but oh well. Total was $1.38 and I got another $3 RR.

Went to CVS to do the Febreeze deal, but they didn't have the Noticeables so I couldn't... oh well. I had a $4 ECB that was expiring the next day I knew I wouldn't be able to use, so I browsed around and ended up grabbing this puzzle to tuck away with the Christmas stash, total after ECB, $0.00...

Kmart again! lol... when I was there doing the doubles and saw the toy clearance, I noticed they had Little Tikes Cozy Coupes on clearance for $56 (originally $74.99)...which meant they would ring up $28, and I could use the $5 off $20 coupon making them only $23 (saving $103.98)!! I'd been wanting to get one for the girls, but I really couldn't pass up getting two at that price... yes, they are spoiled!! But on the other hand, it "should" make it a lot more peaceful for me not trying to get one out of the thing to let the other have a turn, LOL.

July 10, 2009

Kmart was (may still be?) having a clearance event in addition to the double coupons... take an additional 50% off the lowest clearance price on toys...as well as a $5 off $20 in toys coupon out! I started Christmas shopping early (as well as a few things for birthdays coming up and just to tuck away in the gift closet). I tried to keep my purchases in groups of $20 to make use of the coupon. Could have done better on one transaction, but I didn't have time to shop for another "set."

4 Dove deodorants, free after coupon doubles

2 Snow White dolls, $3 each (originally $11.49!)

1 Little Einstein's play set $x (down from $16.99)

Play Doh 50 colors play set, $5.50...but sign on the shelf said $8.80, so I could take my reciept in and get $1.10 back if the sign is still there... down from $12.99

Disney Princess arts & crafts backpack, $2.50 (clearanced to $5...no idea on original price)

3 Cinderella games, $1.50 (down from $11.49!!)

2 Dora notebooks, $1 each (orignally $3.99)

Disney crayon/art set, $1.50 (originally $5.99)

Carebears, $6.50 each (I don't know what they were, but clearance price was $13 before the sale)

Dora travel art set, $2.50 (don't know this one's original price, but, clearanced to $5 before sale)

3 Barbie Tinkerbell dress up slippers, $1 each (clearance was $2, but again, don't know the orig price on these)

This was 2 transactions, one for $17.97, and another for $19.08! Total on all of that then was $37.05... Going by original and clearance for the ones I don't know the original price of, that's a savings of $108.90 just counting the toys!! $118.24 if you add in the free Dove. I can live with that :o)

Kmart Doubles!

1 Pantene, free

2pack of Reach toothbrushes, free

4 Snapples, free

3 Edge shave gel, free

1 Dove deodorant, free

2 packs of gum, .30/each (Charlotte grabbed one and chewed the package open while I was checking out, so I had to get that, and then I needed about .20 more anyway to get my total before coupons up to $50 to use the $5 off $50 coupon, so I bought another one, lol)

Reach floss, free

4 Glade candle tins, .29/each

Dora the Explorer Candyland, $3

Pictureka card game, .99

Barbie pets pack, $1.25

Act Mouthwash, .59

Keebler cookies, $1

Total after $5/50 store coupon, and manufacturers coupons, $4.96 (tax was $1.39)

According to the receipt, total savings was $54.95...but I don't know if that counts clearance price savings or what, lol.

July 7, 2009

5 Eggo's, .50/box
Solo Bare plates and cups, .50/each
2 Degree sprays, can't remember, but I think .43 each
Vaseline lotion, free
Dove facial lotion, free
3 Johnson's buddies bars, free
3 orange/pink tank tops for the girls (one to grow into), .75/each
2 Pink tanks... $2.xx (48? going by memory here)

2 Delmonte Fruit Chillers, $1
Coppertone sunscreen, free
2 Dentek floss picks, free
Tide, free
Ortega taco seasoning, .04 each
8 packs of hot dogs, .38/pack

July 6, 2009

Quick run in to CVS to get tape that was free after ECB's. I had $4.98 in ECB's to pay with so I grabbed a pack of M&Ms to get my total up. Spent .17 out of pocket, and got back $4.47.

Ava's party supply trip... went to Party City and The Dollar Tree.

Found two of these Princess phones at Party City marked down to .75 each!! I had a 20% off coupon, so they were .60!! I got both, I intended to put them away for Christmas, but the girls saw them and Ava begged for hers the next day... I gave in. I'm a sucker. lol :o)

Party bags from The Dollar Tree... $1 each. I ended up running back in later on for 1 more set...and saw a pack of foam that I thought I could cut into fruit shapes (strawberries and blueberries) to glue on the bags, so $4 spent on party bags.

Party bag favors... Ring Pops, $1/bag. Straws (my mom picked those up), sunglasses were 3.99 after coupon, Flute Whistles, .40 for the pack after the coupon, the frogs, clappers, and tops, were prizes I won after winning tickets at the Hershey Park arcade, lol! So who knows how much they reallllyyy cost, but I was paying to play Ski Ball anyway :P

Strawberry Shortcake 48 pc party favor bag, 7.99 after coupon discount, bracelet 4 pack $3.19, the candy bracelets were $1.59. The strawberry lip glosses were free after coupon doubles at Kmart :o)

For some reason the coupon didn't work on the plain party ware, but it was inexpensive enough anyway, the table cover was on sale for .84, the plain plates were all .75/pack, as were the cups. The pastel ribbons spool was .69, the flatware was .79... the larger SS plates were $1.59, the smaller ones were $1.51. The crepe paper streamers were .50 each (coupon did not work on those either?). The pack of candles was .39! The cupcake candle was .60!

More .75 clearance finds I tucked away.
A Disney Princess mini tea set, and 2 packs of princess tiaras for parties (.60 each after my coupon!!!)
3 Barbie activity mats, including crayons and stickers... .60 each! Thought they'd make good stocking stuffers, or for a rainy day, or to add to a birthday present...or something. Couldn't pass up .60! lol

4 Barbie Jewelry packs, and a pack of stickers (tons of stickers in that thing)... again, .60 each!

Got two of these, Barbie ice cream dishes... put them away, figured the kids could use them with their play kitchen stuff later on the down the road. Also... can you guess?? Yep, .60 each!

.60 each, of course! Barbie goodie bags, but I figured I could use them as stocking stuffers for the girls :o) Filled with stickers, a comb, and some other fun girly Barbie stuff.

Sooo...something like $37.32 on party favors, supplies, and decorations...I don't even know if that is good or not, LOL... and another $10.20 on stuff to put away for whatever and the toy phones, not too bad there, I don't think.