July 20, 2012

Free Gas!

Just had to share...
I did some shopping at Giant yesterday, and really focused on the gas deals.

This week, was mostly junk food, but I stocked up on candy for Halloween, party favors, and little lunchbox treats, as well as some fruit snacks, and the snack pack cups for lunch boxes and car trips.

I spent right about $83 (but also bought milk, tuna fish, and a pound of cheese), but I got 3300 gas points, which, on 30 gallons, which is the limit, is $99! We will be able to fill up our car for very cheap, or free! Woohoo! :o)

This was my husband's total for gas earlier this week from gas deals I had done earlier in the month...he didn't realize he could get a whole 30 gallons or he said he would have brought his gas can too, haha...but hey, still, a (super close to) free tank of gas!

I realize I spent $83 on stuff I probably wouldn't have bought otherwise, but when you get $99 in free gas, and you HAVE to buy gas either way, you might as well spend $83 on food to get it free!

July 2, 2012

Giveaway Alert!

I have a new giveaway up over at Flip Flop Reviews!

Be sure to stop over if you're interested in entering to win 25 custom party invitations from Tiny Prints. :o)