October 30, 2009

Check out this review of Sonicare for kids, and enter for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card! :o)


October 29, 2009

I.Have.No.Idea. This is another backpost.

But rest assured they were good deals, haha. :o) I think the Glass Plus was b1g1 again and I had $1 coupons so it was like .09 each or something. The crackers will be free after rebate. The AirWick was like $1.99 for both (it was b1g1 and I used $4 coupons). I got the granola bars free. The olive oil was b1g1 at $6.39...I had $1 coupons, so $4.39 for both, good deal on that. The fruit snacks were $4/4, and I had coupons but I don't remember what, I think .40/box so that would have doubled to .80 and made them .20/box.

Total paid for everything pictured?? $1.74!! And that includes tax.

2 packs of Sparkle Paper Towels
4 boxes of Arm & Hammer Dryer Sheets
1 box of Magic Erasers
1 Friskies cat treats
3 pet foods
4 Clorox Bleach
1 Hefty trash bags

I had some catalinas to burn :o) It was done in three transactions. You should be able to view the reciepts larger if you want more detail.

October 24, 2009

I ordered these cookie cutters from Splendid Life. They had a promotion for free shipping, I thiiiink a percent off, and they also were giving away the Halloween cookie cutters free with any Wilton order. They put the spoon in as a bonus too!

The total I paid $3.81! Not bad! :o)

October 18, 2009

WOOHOO, I saved the reciept from this one!! Accurate price listing coming up, lol. (this is actually being posted on 11/21...items were purchased on 10/18).

2 Glade Sense & Sprays - $5/each

2 Robitussin - $5.50/each

2 Advil PM - $4.50/each

1 Glade Fragrance Collection - $6.99

2 Neosporin Lip Health - $2.98/each
I used a .99 ECB, a $2 ECB, and a $10 ECB. Also a $4 off 20 coupon.
4 $2 coupons (assuming for the Advil and the Robitussin)
3 $3 coupons (2 for the Neosporin Lip Health, 1 for the Glade reed diffuser)
2 $4 coupons (for the Glade Sense & Sprays)

I paid $1.12 out of pocket.

I know I got back $6.99 for the reed diffuser, and I think $10 for the medicines. Not sure if I got any back for the other Glade items, but at least I got back more in ECB than what I spent in ECB, so it was a $4 "money maker," and seriously, $1.12 for all that? Awesome!

Grocery shopping trip... again, I FORGET MOST EVERYTHING. Someone really needs to get on me to post regularly, LOL. Obviously I took the picture because they were good deals, but how good? lol

If I recall correctly --

Mr Clean Magic Erasers were .45/box
Cookie Crisp cereal was .90/box
Green Giant boxes veggies (LOVE the rice w/ peas and mushrooms) - free to .50/box, a mix of both price ranges.
I think the Ronzoni was $1/box.
I know the yogurt was $1.

This was also in the same trip, used a $1 catalina to get bleach for just .33!

October 17, 2009

Again, can't remember how much most of this stuff was. So terrible... if I manage to post within a day or so of my shopping trip I can for the most part remember exactly how much everything was. But these are a whole month behind (I'm actually posting this on 11/21...those post date, is the date I went shopping. I can tell that by the date on the picture.). Disgraceful, lol.
I'm fairly certain the Luvs were around $2/pack after using $5 coupons.
The Airwick stuff was all free.
The J&J cotton swabs were free.
The Glade 3-wick candles I think were $1 each.
The Snuggle was free if I recall correctly, or at least less than fifty cents/box.
The bananas were free with a Sara Lee bread coupon.
The bagels were all free with Sara Lee coupons.
I think the candy was about $1-$1.50/bag...I can't remember that at all, but I know I wouldn't have spent more than $2/bag.

October 15, 2009

That'll teach me to get behind (obviously this is backdated)... I have NO IDEA what I paid for most of this stuff, lol. Not like anyone really cares, they were all great deals or I wouldn't have snapped a pic.
I do remember it was at Target. And the Kashi was free, the Chex Mix was probably free to .50 a bag. The cream cheese was .98 each. The socks were .25/pair. The Tide and the Ponds were all free. I think the candy was $1/bag.

October 13, 2009

CVS... a bit dissapointing.

I went in for the pumpkin carving tool and the treat bag, that were both free after ECB...didn't intend to get more, but it happens. They were also out of the pumpkin tool and were not offering rainchecks because the store wasn't going to be getting anymore in. Bummer.

  • 1 Huggies wipes - $3.49. Used a $2 store coupon and a .75 mfr coupon = .74
  • 1 Halloween treat bag - .99 - free after ECB
  • 1 Halloween lollipop...um, strand? lol, - .99
  • 2 M&Ms - 3.50 for both (B1G1 sale).

I used a $3 off any purchase store coupon, and a $3 ECB. Paid .23 out of pocket. I did not intend to not get back the ECBs I spent (only got back .99), but it happens I guess.

To top off that "dissapointment" I went on over to Walgreens after, and I was just going to get a chapstick for $2.99, get a $3 Register Reward for that, and use it to pay for Charlotte's birthday invitations I was picking up. They didn't cost quite enough so I needed something else small. Found a candle that said it was $1.99. Paid for my chapstick. Got my RR... rang up the invites and the candle, and my total was way high and I thought it was odd but I didn't say anything (stupid, I was just tired). Candle rang up at $5.99. So I will go back this week and check the shelf to make sure I read it right and either get a refund for the difference or just return the candle. Or maybe I'll splurge and keep it...who knows, haha. :o)
Total for all of this? $64.75! Savings of $96.45 (sale price savings included).

This was just a run in for what was on sale really, and we wanted a pumpkin. And I can't ever seem to keep enough apples in the house.

Too much to recap, but quite a bit of this was free (the Kashi, Starbucks ice cream, coffee creamer, some of the Angel Soft, the Marcal single rolls, the Yakisoba, some of the frozen veggies), and quite a bit was only pennies after coupons. I didn't have coupons for everything either, unfortunately, haha.

I also got 20 gas points (.20 off per gallon), a $2 catalina, and a $4 milk catalina (any brand, and type of milk up to $4, free).

October 9, 2009

My poor husband, we had the opportunity for a date night...and what did we do? Well, he had no better suggestions! :o) We were going to go to a movie but when you haven't been to the movies in over a year, welllll over a year, you want to see something GOOD...and nothing was meeting my standards at least, so we opted to go another time. We did have a nice quiet dinner though, and as usual the kids had a blast at grandma's and didn't even notice we were gone.


  • 2 Tylenol Cold - $6/ea. Used $3/2 coupon.
  • 2 Children's Tylenol - $6/ea. Used $3/2 coupon.
  • 1 Colgate 360 toothbrush - $2.99, used a $1 coupon
  • 1 Revlon nail polish - $3.99, used a $1 coupon
  • 2 M&Ms - .89 for both (they were B1G1)

I used a $2.50 off $10 in pain relievers store coupon, and a $5 off $30 store coupon, and $14 in ECBs. I paid $2.37 out of my own pocket. I earned $3 for the nail polish, $2 for the toothbrush, and $10 for the Tylenol products, so I at least got back $1 more in ECBs than I spent.

The Tylenol was an awesome deal since I was paying with (mostly) ECBs... $24 - $6 in coupons - $2.50 store coupon - $5 store coupon = $10.50...and I got back a $10 ECB, so since I paid with ECBs it really only cost me .50, for all four! Awesome. The toothbrush and the nailpolish were completely free, so really I only paid for the M&Ms and .50 + tax for the Tylenol. I would have had to pay less but I handed over my ECBs in the wrong order and the last I had was for $4, not worth it to have it adjusted down. Whaaaatever, haha :o)

Rite Aid:

I had a $5 off $20 store coupon and a $5 off $20 in My Little Pony merchandise coupon, so I wanted to see if they even carried them in there. I ended up grabbing the last 2 ponies they had on the shelf at $8.99 each (Ugh! That's so expensive!) and then I saw a coloring book priced at $2.99. That brought my total to $20.97, used both $5 coupons that took it down to $10.97, and I had a gift card that had $8.84 left on it, so I used that. Paid $2.79 for the lot...I only went ahead with this one since I had $10 off in coupons and a gift card to use up. I am nearly done Christmas shopping ;o)


Three separate transactions...
  • 1 Glade candle - $2.50. Used a $2 store coupon...paid .65
  • 1 Disney Princess doll - $5.49. Used a $2 store coupon...paid $3.82 (they cost $3.99 at Toys R Us, so this was just a bit less, and what I paid does include the tax)
  • 1 Disney Princess doll - $5.49. Used a $5 store coupon, and paid .52!

So basically, I paid $4.99 for everything there, and that's less than one of the dolls there so not bad. I put the dolls away for Christmas.

October 8, 2009

Head on over to Jane4Girls for a chance to win a copy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition!


October 6, 2009

  • 1 Snow White dvd - $19.99
  • 1 Snow White baking set - $12.99
  • 2 Princess dolls - $3.99/each

I used a $10 coupon on the dvd, and $5 store coupon. I got the baking set for free, for buying $25 in Disney Princess items (dvd included), and I paid $15.87 for all 4 items. I saved $27.99! I also got a $5 gift card for buying the dvd, and I will send in for a $5 rebate!

As you can see, the dolls are already in good hands... the baking set has been put away for Christmas.

October 3, 2009

  • 3 Coke 2 liters
  • 3 Coke 12 packs
  • 1 Gillette Fusion razor
  • 1 Hershey's candy jumbo bag
  • 2 packs of pencils
  • 2 Neosporin Lip treatments
  • 1 Monsters vs Aliens dvd

The candy and soda came to $20...I thiiiink the 2 liters were 3/$4, the 12 packs were 3/$11 and the candy was $5. I got the dvd for $4.99 for buying $20 of the soda/candy. The pencils were free after ECBs ($1.99 each), the Neosporin lip stuff was free (sale & coupons), and the razor was .99 after coupon and ECBs.

Not looking at my reciept, but I paid with ECB's and only spent like $2 out of my own pocket (a little less, actually), got back a $5 ECB for the razor, and $4 for the pencils. This was a total splurge for the movie and not a moneymaker or a "free" (where I spend only as many ECBs as I get back), but we had a fun family night eating pizza and watching the movie (it's pretty cute!)...it was nice to be able to do that and get all that only spending $2 of my own money. I had (still have, lol) plenty of ECBs to use from doing all of the free and moneymakers and using CVS $5/$20 (etc) coupons. You really can have fun and splurge when you're watching what you spend if you just do it right :o)

  • 4 Kelloggs Corn Pops
  • 1 Whiskas cat food
  • 1 Dawn dish detergent
  • 6 Cesar's Bistro wet dog food
  • 3 Temptations cat treats
  • 2 Friskies cat treats
  • 1 Good Life Recipe cat treats
  • 2 Crunch n Clean cat treats
  • 1 Reach toothbrush
  • 3 Dove deodorants
  • 2 Mr. Potato Head accessory packs
  • 2 Huggies wipes travel packs
  • 1 Bic razors 10ct pack
  • 1 Ponds cleansing cloths
  • 4 Glade Scented Oil Candle refill packs
  • 1 Gillette shave gel
  • 2 Skintimate shave gels
  • 2 Visine
  • 2 EAS bars
  • 1 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers bowl
  • 1 Hormel Compleats
  • 2 Renu Travel kits
  • 2 Reese's
  • 1 ACT mouth wash
  • 1 Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies
  • 1 Tic Tac Chill

Total cost? $6.42... for 50 items!! $3.09 of that, was the tax! Not bad, and I was even overcharged on a few things...just about .65 total (I think...I didn't fine tooth comb the reciept). And no, I'm not going to go back for my .65 either, lol... but, I will submit the reciept for the $5 Glade rebate!! So if you take that off the cost I only spent $1.42 for all that, but I don't really figure things that way...I still spent the money out of pocket, the $5 will just be a little addition to savings.

  • 4 Pull Ups
  • 1 Huggies Diapers
  • 4 Glade scented oil candle refill packs

Spent $26.76... and got back a $12 Kmart coupon for buying (what was before coupons) $50 in SC Johnson products. Didn't like spending $26.76, but that's really not bad for what I was buying, and then when you consider the $12 coupon...not too bad I guess. I can also submit this for a Caregivers Marketplace rebate..I think it's .75 per pack of diapers, so that'd be $3.75.

Took that $12 coupon and picked up Charlotte's Halloween costume. I spent $8.95 total for:

  • 1 Snow White costume
  • 4 Glade candle tins

The costume was $19.99, and the candles were $2.50...not bad if I do say so myself :o) I can also submit this for the Glade $5 rebate too...there is a limit of 3 on that!

October 1, 2009

I posted awhile back about the Bzz Campaign I'm participating in for Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions line. So far, I'm enjoying the products.

If you haven't tried them, and would like a sample, you can go here to get one: http://burtsbees.com/a/burts-bees-natural-acne-solution.html .