June 30, 2010

Total spent:  $3.17 (including tax).  Breakdown in the reciept below, but the Windex and the Scrubbing Bubbles worked out to be .25 each.  The Dawn, M&Ms and Stayfree were all free, and the Pampers were $4.99 after coupons/ECBs.  I used more ECBs than I would earn to bring my total down a little more so I did not break even with ECBs, but that's okay.  I earned a $5 and a $1 ECB.  I would have paid the $3 just for the diapers so I was happy with the total cost here.

June 23, 2010

In the mail today:

3 Pampers diapers and some coupons from Vocalpoint
Rubbermaid Premier set from SheSpeaks to try out and review on their site!  They are really nice :o)

June 20, 2010

.98 for a box of diapers and a tube of toothpaste!

Earned $10 in ECB for the diapers, $2 for the toothpaste, $1 for using a green bag.

June 19, 2010

Paid $3.17, used $9.99 in ECB, and earned $8 for the Old Spice, .99 for the Powerbar, and $3 for the Covergirl lip gloss, for a total of $11.99.  Profit of $2.99 as far as ECBs went, but a loss since I spent so much out of pocket.  Still, happy with that total ;o)

June 18, 2010

New shorts for hubby.  $30, on sale for $14.99, used a $10/$10 coupon, paid $4.99!  Not bad!


2 Littlest Pet Shop toys - $4 each.  Used a Buy 1 Get 1 coupon, $2 each. 
1 Visine - $1.99, used a $2 coupon.
1 Herbal Essenses gel - .97, used a $1 coupon (adjusted down to .97)
2 Covergirl Eyeshadows - $6.27 and ($4.xx?) each.  Used a B1G1 Target coupon, and two $2 mfr coupons.  $2.27 for both.
1 Bandaids - $1.67.  Used a $1 Target coupon and a $1 mfr coupon.  Free plus overage!
1 Pampers wipes -$2.36.  Used a $2 coupon, paid .36!
2 Tide stain release - $3.99, used $3 coupons, .99 each.
1 Jergen's lotion - $1.99, used a $2 coupon, free plus .01 overage.
1 Axe body wash (travel size) - .97, used a $1 coupon, free plus .03 overage.
1 shave gel - .97, used a $1 coupon.  Free plus .03 overage.
1 travel size Dove deodorant - .97, used a $1.50 coupon, free plus .53 overage.
1 Degree deodorant (travel size) - .97, used a $1 coupon, free plus .03 overage.
1 Glade spray - ???  I used a Target coupon but I can't remember the value, and a $1 mfr coupon.

June 17, 2010

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail!  (Excuse that.  A little too much Blue's Clues in my lifetime.)

A couple rebate checks (and one from Magazines.com, I love that when they send you a random "gift card," you can redeem it for cash instead!)

A Special K protien bar, and some Earthbound Farms coupons, along with a reusable grocery bag that everything is laying on.

New shower head.  $33.xx, including shipping.  Ordered it from Walmart...and it was free to me!  I used Paypal that I'd earned for surveys and such.

June 16, 2010

I Wear a Watch Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Voctorinox Swiss Army. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is rare that you see my husband without a watch on his wrist.  I actually *like* that he wears a watch because not only do I never remember to wear them myself (and I don't carry a cell phone or other device that would allow me to tell what time it is wherever I happen to be) and so I can ask him what time it is, but I like the look of them too.  It's like...jewelry that is acceptable for a guy to wear, haha.  My husband has a few different watches, but it seems like he can never have too many.  I considered purchasing another for him for Father's Day this year.  From our daughters, of course.  I think he would love the Victorinox Swiss Army watch. 

Is there a special dad in your life that wears a watch?  Or who you think *should* be wearing a watch?  Or at least have a nice watch on hand at the very least?  Go visit http://www.swissarmy.com/ and check out their collection of timepieces. 

Also, if you become a fan of the Victorinox Swiss Army Facebook page, you can enter the I Wear a Watch sweepstakes (you know how much I love those!).  They are giving 30 lucky winners a Victorinox Swiss Army watch over a period of 30 days.  You can't win if you don't enter!  ;o)

Facebook IWAW sweepstakes page

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June 10, 2010

Two transactions.  Earned a profit of $3.98 over what I went in with (ECB wise)!  I did spend $1.50 out of pocket, .49 for my first transaction, and my second would have been $0.00, but I donated $1 to whatever foundation they are asking for donations for at the moment, lol...and for some reason it charged me a penny tax on that one, okie dokie then.  :o)  When you consider I spent $1.50 out of pocket, donation included, my profit was $2.48...but hey, profit is profit!

T1 -

4 Glade Scented Oil refills - $2.50 each.  Buy $10, earn $5 ECB.  Used a Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon and a $2/2 coupon.
1 Gilette Proglide razor -$9.97.  Used a $4 coupon.  Earned $5 ECB.
1 Powerbar - .99, earned .99 ECB.

I paid .49 (and used $12 in ECB), and earned $10.99 in ECB, as well as a $5/15 coupon!

T2 -
4 Scrubbing Bubbles - $2.50 each.  Used 2 $2/2 coupons.  Earned $5 ECB for buying $10.
1 Powerbar - .99, earned .99ECB
1 Got2Be Smooth Operator hairspray - $3.99, used a Free Item coupon
2 Mylanta  (looked for Rolaids, couldn't find them, lol)- $3.99.  Used a $4/2 coupon, earned a $4 ECB for buying 2.

Total was $0, used a $5/15 coupon and a $5 ECB...but then donated $1, taking my total to $1.01.

I got a rain check for the Old Spice deodorant, I was going to get some in my second transaction, knowing I was going to have a profit, but they were out.

June 9, 2010


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Glidden. All opinions are 100% mine.

I find painting to be relaxing.  I love to do little projects, and I don't even mind painting a whole room (at least when I don't have to worry about my preschoolers getting into everything while I do it, haha).  I don't really have any experience with Glidden paints, but I am REALLY excited because on June 1st, they launched their Glidden Paint, Get Color, Give Color Giveaway.  I signed up for two testers and I hope I am lucky enough to recieve them.  It was really easy to do and I was impressed with their website.  You can play around with their Room Painter, and they have Top 10 Color Palettes of popular and coordinating colors to make finding and selecting the right colors for you simple to do.  If you check them out in store (Home Depot carries them), their paint chips have coordinating colors right on the back too. 

I selected a shade of pink and a shade of green because I'm currently in the process of painting a table for my girls' playroom, and I thought it might be cute to paint flowering vines down the sides.  We'll see if I can pull it off, but it will be fun to play around and pretend to be artistic.  Even if you don't happen to win the testers (which can paint up to three square feet!), you can pick them up inexpensively at any Home Depot store.  Their testers are neat because they actually come with a little brush, right in the lid...like nail polish, haha.  I think it's a reallyyyyy great idea to get some of these testers in the colors of paint you already have in your home, because they would be amazing for quick little touchups.  I know we are forever getting dings/chips off the paint on our walls (which, is not Glidden paint, but I bet if I just brought in a paint chip they could mix me up a tester of the same color anyway).  They wouldn't take up much room to store either.  Sounds good to me.

If you are on Twitter (sadly, I am not, lol) you can check out @Glidden_Paint for some sure to be fun tweets.

Visit my sponsor: Glidden
What's been in YOUR mailbox recently? 

Winnie the Pooh book and Princess Tea Party CD, free from Amazon!!  (earned gift cards for doing surveys)

Got2B Smooth Operator BzzKit from BzzAgent!  Samples, and coupons galore!  :o)

Woman's Day magazine (free subscription!), and a free sample of Old Spice body wash (perfect for hubby's work bag!)

Free issue of Family Fun magazine, and the Revlon lipstick from Walgreen's...I forget when they offered that.  It also came with a store coupon for Chapstick.

Over $100 in coupons from P&G!  This was a rebate, you had to purchase $50 in P&G products.  The form said after coupons, but I went ahead and sent my receipts in anyways, and I spent no where near $50 after coupons to get this.  I'd venture to say less than $5... if that, lol.

Just to show a few of the coupons that are inside.

We just got a new Royal Farms not too far from us, and they sent us these great coupons.  Lots of free items!

Free Tropicana orange juice!  Used free codes and their Juicy Rewards program. 

June 3, 2010

Total out of pocket (tax included)?  $2.83, and still have $2.50 in RR to roll, as well as a coupon for a free pack of Always that printed when I purchased the Kotex.  :o) 

Breakdown, this was three transactions,  did not have RR to start out with.

T1 -

2 Combos - .99 each.  Used a $1/2 coupon.
1 Ecotrin - $2... used a $2 coupon. 
2 Nivea for Men - $4.99, B1G1.  Used a $3 and a $2 coupon. 

Total - .97 plus tax (...took it up to $1.27).  Earned $2 for the Ecotrin.

T2 -
1 Walgreen's Select vitamins - $2.

Used the $2 RR earned above.  Paid $0.  Earned $2.

T3 -
2 Lindsay Olives - .99 each.  Used a $1/2 coupon.
1 Kotex - $3.49.  Used a $1 coupon. 
1 Pencil - .09 (filler)

Used $2 RR...paid $1.56.  Earned $2.50 (and the free Always catalina/coupon!). 

Savings as per my reciepts?  $27.09. 

June 2, 2010

Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don't know if I am just wierd (okay, I am sure I am just setting myself up with that one!), but sometimes when we're out and about and running errands we'll drive past a hotel and it makes me think about how fun and relaxing it might be to just run off on the spur of the moment (depending on my mood, sometimes with just hubby, and sometimes as a family), and check into a hotel somewhere.  Just for a night or two...  even if it's not even that far away.  Now, that's not something we would normally do...spur of the moment.  We're "planners," which I guess may be why I think it might be fun to go off spontaneously.  Did you know that Hampton is offering the chance to win a free weekend stay at any of their hotels?  Yep, just enter the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes.  How nice would that be...  knowing you could stay at any of their hotels free for the weekend upon winning, so maybe just taking a little road trip with your friends, or your family and seeing where you might end up?  Sounds kinda nice.  Even though I am the type who would probably need to plan it all out and know exactly where I was going...it's nice to dream though, haha.


My mom and I were just talking the other day about taking a trip to a storybook forest type park that was just far enough away that we would probably need to get a hotel and we'd have to make it a weekend thing.  Winning this would be perfect for that too.  Oh, the possibilities!  Where do you think you would go if you won?  What kind of a trip would you take?  Would just jump in the car and see where the road takes you and stop at the first Hampton Hotel you see, or would you plan it out ahead of time?

Click Here

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June 1, 2010

Took a trip to Target, and spent WAYYYY too much... but, the kiddos needed some bigger Summer clothes (my two year old, can't even fit into my almost four year old's hand me downs...they are right about the same size! two year old might even be a bit bigger in the tummy), and I needed some new jeans.  I am officially in love with the Merona No Gap jeans.  For the past few years I've always bought my jeans at Kohl's...in the Juniors section...but after two kids...they're just way too low rise :o(  And I did check in there, but they're pretty much all skinny jeans now...and um, sorry, but NO.  I am way too curvy for that. 

On to the deals... 

I did the buy 5 Fiber One get a $5 gift card.  I am without printer ink right now so I just used 5 coupons from the paper, for .50/1, which made them $1 a box after you subtract the gift card. 

I found huge bottles of Listerine marked down to $1.98.  I think there were $2 printables out but I didn't have any, I used a $3/3 coupon to get them for .98 each. 

Dove's "My Mini Moment" Contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dove Ice Cream. All opinions are 100% mine.

MmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmm, I love Dove chocolate.  I also happen to be a big fan of ice cream.  Dove + ice cream?  DELICIOUS.  I could go for some right now, actually... but I digress.  I know I have posted before about my love for entering contests and sweepstakes.  I have been lucky enough to win some really great prizes, like my current camera...which could not have been won at a better time because right before I won it?  My darling two year old decided that my old camera might like to go for a swim in our pool.  It did not approve.  I take a lot of pictures, being without a camera just wasn't working for me, so I was REALLY excited to win.  It takes like two seconds to enter to win prizes online, I might as well!  You never know when your lucky day will be.

Right now, you can enter Dove's "My Mini Moment" contest, by sharing your favorite "mini moment" of escape from the hectic day to day that is life.  You have the opportunity to win one of three amazing grand prizes.   You can choose from a mini-getaway to Napa Valley, spa services for a year (yes, please!), or a mini home makeover.  All you have to do is submit a photo and a short essay at DoveIceCream.com/myminimoment by June 7, 2010.  Worth a shot!

What do you do to escape for a moment?   Dove Ice Cream took a survey of over 400 mothers, and 70% make a point to take time for themselves each day.  Good for them!  I, personally, love to keep a big bar of chocolate in my kitchen, and every now and then I just break off a chunk and savor it.  I do have to be careful not to eat the whole bar in one day though (and with two preschoolers?  It has happened I have been tempted...haha).  I hadn't even heard that Dove made mini ice cream bars though, that sounds like a nice option...for the summer when it's hot, or really, any time because is there EVER a bad time for ice cream?  I don't think so.  AND, they are only 70 calories.  I am not really the calorie counting type (probably should be), but that doesn't sound so bad to me...provided you only eat just one...haha.  Yummy ice cream bites dipped in creamy Dove chocolate...  hm, wonder if my husband would like to run to the store... ;o)  I am not a fan of coffee flavored ice cream, but if you are, they have a new CafĂ© Collection that includes Java Chip and Cappuccino flavors.

 Visit my sponsor: “My Mini Moment” contest

CVS brand diapers, $5.99, get a $2 ECB = $3.99
Ban, $2.99, get a $2 ECB.  Used a $1 coupon  = free
Huggies, 50% off, $8.99.  Used a $2.50 coupon = $6.49

I used a $2, a $1 and a $6.99 ECB.  My total was $4.49+tax and I earned $4 in ECB.  I'm okay with that. :o)  Though, I dooooo much prefer those $0 totals, haha.