September 29, 2009

Most people I know, know how I organize my coupons. I have a 3-ring zippered binder, filled with pages of baseball card holders. Aside from the time it takes to clip the coupons and put them in the holders (which I tend to neglect until I have a huge stack to deal with and that can be time consuming), it makes it SO easy to get great deals spur of the moment if I bring it into the store with me. I usually make a list and pull out what I'm fairly certain I'll buy before I go, it only takes a few minutes because my coupons are organized by category and I just flip around and pull out what I need...I put those in an envelope with the store's name on it (I keep envelopes for Weis, Food Lion, Target, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens...anywhere else I usually won't use an envelope for). I used to feel really self-concious taking my big 'ol binder into the store with me but now I don't care, haha. I love being able to check out what's on clearance and match up coupons right then and there. I almost ALWAYS regret it if I don't bring the binder in with me.

Long story short, I was reading one of my favorite deal blogs, and she put up a video of her binder. Mine is basically the same, just a zippered and not quite as thick as hers, haha.

September 28, 2009

  • 8 Pop Tarts - $1.94/each. Used a .75 Target coupon on each box, used two .25 mfr coupons, and 3 $1/2 mfr coupons. Evened out at about .75/box
  • 10 Chex mix - I don't even know, some were marked at $1.17 and some were $1.34. On my receipt it looks like all rang up at $1.17, so lets just go with that. I used a $1 Target coupon on each bag, making them an already awesome .17 each!! On top of that though, I used 5 $1/2 mfr coupons (no beeps!) to end up with $3.30 overage! Paid to buy these!! I will be going back this week, I think, and hoping they're still on sale.

  • 1 Up + Up hand soap - .99... used a .50 Target coupon = .49
  • 1 Up + Up tissues - $1.12, used a .50 Target coupon... just .62
  • 2 Renu 2oz - $1.52/each. Used a $2 mfr coupon on each, free, and got overage of .48 on each.
  • 2 Degree travel size - .97/each. Used a $1 mfr coupon and a $1.25 mfr coupon. Free, and got overage of .03 and .28 (so, so far, $4.06 in overage to go toward other items this trip!)
  • 12 Glade candle tins - $1.66 each. Used 3 $2 coupons (adjusted down to $1.66), and 9 $1.50 coupons. So, 3 free, and 9 at .16 each. Averages out to .12/candle.
  • 3 Glade Plug Ins - $1.66 each...used 3 free item coupons (found them in booklets at Weis!)
  • 1 Air Wick I-Motion - $4.99...used a $4 coupon = .99
  • 1 Glade Lasting Impressions - $5.69...used a $3 Target coupon and a $3 mfr coupon. Got overage of .31... so now up to $4.37! lol)
  • 3 Johnson's Buddies soaps - .97/each...used $1 coupons... ended up with .09 overage for the three... so wooooo, up to 4.46! lol)
  • 1 Crest kids toothbrush/paste pack - .99.... used a $1 coupon. (.01 overage!! 4.47 now, lol)

  • 2 Disney Princesses figurine packs - $1.98/each clearanced...trying to keep them occupied and happy in the store. Bribery at it's finest, lol.
  • 1 pair of girls capris - $3.74... hoping they fit Charlotte as pants. She's been wearing Ava's 5T and 4/5 pants because 4Ts are too tight in the waist... but Ava's pants are wayyyy too long yet. So, hopefully this works, lol.
  • 2 pairs of Halloween socks - $1/each
  • 4 Purina One cat food - on "sale" (it was a substitution thing, but hey, that works for me, lol, a better price on what I was going to buy anyway) for $5.68 each. Used a $2 Target coupon on each, and a $3 mfr coupon on each... so just .68 per bag!! Awesome price for good cat food.
  • 8 Fancy Feast Appetizers - $1.22 each... but I had 4 Target coupons for Buy 1 Get 1 Free, and four manufacturer's coupons for Buy 1 Get 1 Free. All eight? FREE.
  • 2 Chef Michael's wet dog food - .84 each...but I had Buy 1 Get 1 coupons too (a Target and a mfr) they were also both free.
I also bought a bigger litter box for Jack... at $6.49...

My total was well over $100 before coupons, but after? Just $23.29!! For 65 items!! (roughly .36 each if you figure out the average!)

My reciept tells me I saved $162.99! Must include sale prices though...

  • 2 Del Monte Fruit Chillers, $2 each. Used $1 coupons. $1/each
  • 2 Yoplait Delights yogurt 4-packs - $2/each. Used $1.25 coupons - .75/each. (coupon: IE or Firefox)
  • 3 Bagel Bites - $2.98/ea. Used a $1 coupon and a $2/2 coupon. $1.98 each.
  • 8 Ore-Ida fries - $1.12/ea. Used four $1/2 coupons. .62/each (coupon: IE or Firefox)
  • 2 Bagelfulls - $1.88 each. Used $1 coupons. .88 each.
  • 2 Healthy Choice meals - $2.50 each. Used $2 coupons. .50 each.
  • 1 Yo Baby yogurt meal - .94 - used $1 coupon. Free plus .06 overage.
  • 6 Ortega taco seasoning packets - .64/each. Used 3 $1/2 coupons. .14/each
  • 2 Grands biscuits - $1.36... used $1 coupons. Just .36 each!
  • 5 Blue Bunny ice cream treats - $1 each. Used five $1 coupons - free!
  • 2 Toaster Strudels - $1.88/each. Used $1 coupons - .88/each.

  • 2 Huggies wipes boxes - $2.28/each. Used $2 coupons - .28/each
  • 8 Huggies Pull Ups wipes - 1.64 each. Used four $2/2 coupons. Just .64 each.
  • 1 Glade candle - $3. Used a $2 coupon. $1!
  • 1 Glade Sense & Spray - $5. Used a $4 coupon, just $1.
  • 1 Crayola washable crayons - $1 clearance
  • 1 Leapfrog Tag book - $10...used a $4 coupon...$6

Also got a half gallon of Rutter's tea ($1.22), a box of popsicles for my obsessed toddler ($3.38. No coupon. See, I splurge! lol), a pack of 50 tealights ($2.25) and we needed sugar ($3.14).

My total before coupons was 99.59...and after? 45.09!! I would nevvvver pay pull price for most of that stuff. I don't think that's too bad, especially considering the LeapFrog book ($10!), I purchased 55 items. That works out to .82/item!

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September 25, 2009

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I just found their site today and they have some adorable items. So warm and cozy!

September 23, 2009

Okay. Here is "the stockpile" in the garage. It's really not that much... compared to some of what you'll see on here. I keep health and beauty stuff upstairs in our walk in closet.

Garage is looking a lot better. I can get to all my shelves now and we (meaning the husband, lol) moved the freezer to the other end of the garage. We still need to have a yard sale and clear all that extra stuff out of there...not looking forward to that, I'm no good at yard sales. Once that's done we'll probably move a few more things around but that'll be easy. I'm really torn on what baby gear to keep and what to just move on out. I'm such a pack-rat. I know we can always just get new baby stuff if the need arises, but... we already have it now and it'll bug me to have to buy it again. But at the same time even if the need for that stuff arises in the future, the plan would be for it to be a few years into the future and it'll all just be sitting there collecting dust. I have a bin for clothes to keep, and I'm keeping the highchair because it's really nice... but the swing and stuff? Handy to have, but it can be replaced easily enough. I think I'm just emotionally attached to a lot of it...and that coupled with my need to be prepared for anything just makes me want to hold on to it all. Then the other half of me just wants clutter free space. Hmmm.

I have blogger issues...can't get these pictures in the order I want (or my paragraphs to format they way I want them to! They look fine in compose mode, but when I go to the blog they're all one big long winded thing...NOT my intention. Rawr, lol). This is the "middle shelf" and it's dish detergent, cleaners, smell-good stuffs, paper products, and there are a few cat treats on the bottom.
Snacks, canned goods, condiments, drinks...
juices, water, 2-liters fit well on the bottom shelf there... this one is just random, whatever fits

Small first aid kits, hand soaps, sani-wipes for the car, air/fabric freshener, laundry products, cat litter. The cooler is empty, just got stashed there.

Just freezer stuff... whatever I don't need in the small kitchen freezer.

Yeah, I have a ridiculous amount of hot dogs. But they were all CHEAP, and we usually have a lot of cookouts.

September 22, 2009

Ran in to Weis to use some Catalinas and thought I'd "beef up" my stockpile shelves a little bit, lol.
  • 3 Angel Soft - 2.99/ea (8.97)
  • 2 Mr Clean Magic Erasers - 1.99/ea and used a .75 mfr coupon on each (doubled), so they were only .49 each
  • 2 Downy sheets - $4.39/ea....used a $1/2 mfr coupon
  • 1 Electrasol tabs - on sale for $3.50, used a .75 mfr coupon (doubled) so it was just $2
  • 2 Reese's Nutrageous b/c I'm bad at math on the fly and wasn't sure if I'd need fillers, .60/ea

Used two $10 catalinas and paid just $1.70!!

September 19, 2009

Ahhh... Fall.

It's really hard to take pictures of windowsill decorations, lol.

  • 4 Sobe LifeWaters - all free. They were on sale for $1.59, B1G1. Used two B1G1 coupons.
  • Edge Shave Gel - Free. It was on sale for $2. I used a $1 mfr coupon, and a $1.50 store coupon. Got the .50 overage, too! :o)
  • 2 Revlon foundations - $13.xx for both (they were on sale b1g1), then used a $3 store coupon and two $1 mfr that took it down to $8.xx for both.
  • Listerine - Free after $2 coupon and $2 ECB. (paid with ECBs, so completely free)
  • Colgate Total - Free after $1 coupon and $2 ECB (again, paid with ECBs so totally free).
  • 2 Rulers - free "after ECBs" (and before, lol... .99 each, and they were a raincheck item so I got back $1 for each since they round up)
  • 2 M&Ms fun size packs - $1 bump my total up enough to use a $5 off $30 (or 35?) coupon.

Can't remember what I paid (as well as a few other things, obviously, lol), but it wasn't much and I got back $6 in ECB. I think I lost about $4 in ECB/actual money paid (that's what I get for not taking a picture of the receipt and waiting forever to blog, my memory goes, lol)... but still $4 for all that isn't bad, especially when the Revlon is $13.xx each normally! It's my favorite foundation.

This post sucks. Mental note to self, take picture of receipt or keep it by the computer!! ;o)

September 15, 2009

Just a pic I snapped after running back into Weis to use a few Catalinas. Used a $3 coupon on the diapers, and $1 coupons on the Kotex. Used $9.75 in catalinas and and paid .22 for all, and got back another $2 Catalina. Not too bad.
So, there's a really great coupon for Sears out right now. $10 off ANY Juniors apparel purchase! No minimum to spend, that's awesome. You can find this coupon in Seventeen magazine (yes, I admit, I subscribe to this, LOL. It was free, and believe it or not there are almost always good coupons in it!), or you can print it here!

It doesn't expire until November. I actually prefer Juniors jeans and lets face it, some of the shirts are pretty cute... when I was pregnant I would often shop in the Juniors departments for the longer shirts that are/were in through pregnancy and still fit now, can't beat that. I'll definitely be trying to make use of this coupon. Hope you can too! :o)


I guess Sears pulled the printable coupon and are no longer accepting it. I hear they are still taking the coupon that came out of the magazine though.
I went grocery shopping today for the first time in awhile (aside from quick run ins for milk/produce/the odd sale item). Filled TWO carts! I forgot my card so I had to wait in the store while my mom ran back to my house to get it... so by the time I was actually finished checking out, it was nearing time for our visit with the in-laws and I had to get everything inside and put away, the freezer stuff had to be put away quick... no time for pictures today. I'm a visual person so I know that sucks, lol. Sorry! :P

A few of the good purchases were:

  • 2 - 25lb bags of Tidy Cat litter, b1g1 (used a raincheck) - $4.29, used two $1 coupons... two for $2.29!

  • LOTS of Green Giant boxed veggies, they were $1/each, and I used several .55 off 1 coupons (doubled to $1.10), and several $1 off 2 coupons. So, free plus .05 overage to .50/box!

  • Totinos Pizza Rolls were $1/box, and I had some .55/2 (doubled to $1.10) and $1/2 more than .50/box

  • 4 - Welch's Grape Jelly in the squeeze bottles, $1.50 each and used .75 coupons that doubled to make them free.

  • Bunches of Del Monte canned vegetables...they were on sale 4/$3, and if you bought $20 worth you got a $5 coupon for your next order...not a bad deal. I prefer frozen veggies, but husband prefers canned.

  • Picked up some PowerAde for the husband, 15 for $10, just .66 each.

  • Used a few .50 coupons for Dole fruit that doubled, and got .05 overage on each can.
  • Crayola Gum 2-packs of toothbrushes were on sale for $1, I got 3, and used a .75 coupon on each, so free and got .50 overage on each... the Crayola Gum flosser packs were $1 too, I got 3 of those and used .55 coupons, free plus .10 overage on each of those.

  • Did the General Mills catalina deal twice, so I got two $10 off your next order coupons (did two transactions)...and also got several $1 off your next order coupons, but I have no idea what triggered them.

Obviously, I purchased a LOT more...fresh fruits and veggies, lunch meats, soups, cheeses, yogurt, etc, etc... Two carts FULL for $226.64....252 items, my receipt says... that's roughly .90 per item if you like to figure things that way, which I don't think is bad at all. I saved just over $220!

And I got back in Catalinas: two $10, $5, five $1's, and a .75! That's $30.75 in catalinas to use again.

I went back in though and got a pack of diapers and 2 packs of Kotex pads, used a $3 coupon on the diapers, two $1 coupons on the Kotex, and the $5, four $1, and the .75 catalinas...paid 22 cents for that order, and got back a $2 catalina for spending over $12... so I still have $23 in catalinas.

September 14, 2009

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September 13, 2009

Okay, if you all think *I* am bad with my coupons, I am talking to my mom right now through IM, and she is leaving to go buy her Sunday papers right NOW. It's 2:47am!! See where I get it from?? LOL

September 12, 2009

Quick run in to CVS because the moose needed diapers, and they had them on sale. I really miss cloth!! It just didn't make sense to me to run out and get a whole new set of XL since she'll be potty training soon enough.

  • 3 Huggies - $8.97 each. Used a $3 coupon on each to bring them down to $5.97/pack.
  • 6 J&J travel First Aid Kits - .99 each. Used a raincheck, to get $2 in ECB for every 2 purchased. Free since I used ECB's to pay.
  • 2 Crest w/ Scope - $3.49/each. Used $1 coupons on each, got back $2.50 for each, so free because I used ECB's to pay anyway.
Manager took $1.25 off my order because of the 25% off that did not come off the other day. Used a $4/20 CVS coupon, and roughly $23 in ECB's... paid .64 out of my pocket, and got back $11 in ECBs. I don't like to not get back as many ECB's as I use...but oh well, needed the diapers and haven't really had anything super to roll the ECB's on lately anyway.

This is two trips to Target combined in to one post... The trip to I-Will-Not-Shop-at-Again Target, and *my* Target, lol. My mom and I went out and had some Target "fun." Usually it is more fun than this trip was, but eh, what can you do. Still got some great deals!

  • 3 Cinnamon Toast Crunch - price matched to $1.99/each. Used two .55 coupons, and um, half of a $1/2 coupon? LOL, the other half went to the Lucky Charms. Also used $1 Target coupons on each. So, that made it $1.37 for all 3, or just .46 each!
  • 1 Lucky Charms - priced matched to $1.99...used "half" of a $1/2 coupon (lol) and a $1 Target coupon... so it was just .49!
  • 1 Alexia Onion snack - $1.38, used a $1 coupon... just .38!!
  • 2 Pop Tarts - $1.94 each. Used a .55 mfr and a .75 Target coupon on each. Just .64 each!
  • 4 cereal cups - free, plus .05 overage each
  • 12 Market Pantry string cheeses - free (originally .40 each)! Used a $1/2 Target coupon, adjusted automatically by the register to .80
  • 2 Ponds towlettes - .97, used $1.50 mfr coupons. Free plus .53 overage on each.

  • 2 Fiber One Bars - $2.50 each. Used a $1/2 coupon... $2 each
  • 3 Fiber One cereals - $2.50 each. Used a .75 mfr coupon on each, as well as a $1 Target coupon on each... just .75 each!
  • 1 Target baby wipes - $1.27...used a $1 Target coupon, just .27!

Recieved a $5 Target gift card for purchasing the Fiber One items!

  • 1 Nature's Source cleaner - $2.49, used a $1 mfr coupon and a $1 Target coupon... .49!
  • 1 Renu (biiig bottle) - $2.94...used a $2 mfr coupon. Just .94!
  • 1 Target bleach - $1.52... used a $1 Target coupon...just .52!
  • 2 Huggies wipes - $1.49 each, used $1.50 off any Huggies Diaper Product coupons on each. Free!
  • 1 Tide travel pack - .97...used a $1 coupon. Free!
  • 2 Palmolive dish detergent - $1 each. Used $1 coupons - Free!
  • 1 Vaseline Aloe Fresh travel size - .97. Used $1 coupon. Free!
  • 3 Cocoa Puffs - price adjusted to $2 each. Used two .75 coupon, one $1 coupon, and three $1 Target coupons. Just .50 for all 3 boxes!! Or .17 each (rounded up a little)
  • 2 Glade candle tins - .16 each after $1.50 mfr coupons
  • 1 Degree for Men clinical strength deo bonus pack - $3.92. Used a $2 coupon to get it for just 1.92! Not bad for clinical strength!!
  • 1 Dove Clinical, bonus pack - $3.92...used a $2 coupon, $1.92!

Sooooooooo...not including any tax, it was just $15.09 for all of the above (47 items!!), and I got a $5 gift card!

September 11, 2009

Dear Target,

I shop at your store a LOT. I don't think it's too much to ask to expect a pleasant shopping experience, and usually it is delivered. Target, please train your store employees on your corporate coupon policies. This particular Target I'm referencing refused to accept a coupon for a higher value than the item purchased. They refuse to simply adjust the coupon value down as per policy. Please train store associates, especially at the front desk (because that is the LAST place in the store I would expect what happened), not to patronize customers. An employee (her name was Andrea) actually bent down, pointed at my coupon and spoke to me in a childlike voice and said "Now, you knowwwww better than to use this coupon." I was using the correct coupon on the correct item, and the problem was they would not adjust it. Very disrespectful to accuse and patronize. I asked to use their phone to call Target Corporate, she told me I was unlikely to get through to anyone. I had to ask again before she would allow me to, and as I was on the phone she went behind my back and giggled with another employee that "I knew better." Completely unacceptable. I left before actually reaching Target Corporate because I was so offended.

Not only that, but I was charged for the item, and the service desk KEPT the item. So I had to make another phone call to corporate this morning when I realized the item was still on my receipt (I called after I left the store) to see what to do about that, who then told me I had to go back to the store, and ask to speak to a GSPL who would review their tapes to see if I actually had the item or not. Greaaaaaaaaaaat customer service.

September 9, 2009

Had some ECBs to burn and nothing really good to roll them on or time to sit and at look at the ad before I ran in.

Ended up with this:

  • 1 M&Ms (for the girls) - .67

  • 3 girls flip flops (summer clearance) - .29/each (not really my style, but for running around in the back yard at that price? sure!)

  • 2 Composition books - .99/each (used a raincheck, and got back a $2 ECB for buying them)

  • 1 Hand Soap - used a free item coupon (store was out when the coupon was valid, said they would continue to accept after the expiration)

  • 1 pumpkin decoration - 3.99

  • 1 fall word decoration - 4.99 (was supposed to be 25% off of that though...)

Used a $9.99 ECB and a $1.98 ECB...paid .53 out of pocket, and earned the $2 for the notebooks.

September 7, 2009

So I was vacuuming today, and I happened to look up at the wall, and this little face greeted me. Kind of creepy, but I'm 99.9% sure Ava did it, haha (there's still that .01% that's creepy because of the letters/numbers that randomly appeared on the wall several months ago...childlike writing, green crayon...but Ava can't write letters or numbers yet...never did solve that one). She says she did it (she says "Look, and I gave him a mop" pointing to some of the stuff under the face, haha)'s a little out of her reach, but I assume she used the step stool that's normally in the bathroom.

Not a bad face considering what her "moose" looked like not long ago. :o) I actually had to call Mike and ask him if HE drew on the wall before I really believed Ava did it.

The pictures are hard to see... it's yellow chalk on a beige wall, so...yeah.

September 5, 2009

Our garage needs a MAJOR overhaul. It was a wreck. Hubby got me a few early birthday presents in the form of shelves for my stockpile, so we set to work and set them up. While we were in there we just decided to go for it and really get to work on the whole garage. So here are some before pictures...and I'll post the after when we finally finish...which will hopefully be soon.

I realized I should have taken before pictures, before my stockpile shelves were up, but I didn't think we'd be doing the whole garage right then... soooo, you can kind of see those shelves here, but not really because we piled a bunch of stuff up against them.

A mess, huh? We're going to go through everything and get rid of what's really junk, sell what we just don't want, donate what doesn't sell, and put everything we do want to save in storage totes. Hubby got me several of those too... there has been some progress made since these pictures, but I don't want to take any more pictures until we're DONE. :o)
Oh, and like the fish?? LOL... the garage was done up like that when we moved in. At first I wanted to paint over it, but why? It's cute! If I can manage it space-wise I'd like an area in there with a table set up for messy crafts with the kids.

September 4, 2009

  • 4 boxes of Lucky Charms - $2.54 each. Used $1/2 mfr coupons and a $1 Target coupon on each. $1.04/box. Not tooooo bad...I prefer to get them for under $1, but I haven't seen them for that when I've had the right coupons lately.
  • 2 Cinn Toast Crunch cups - free after $1 Target coupons
  • 1 Diet Pepsi - .89
  • 4 boxes Special K Bars - $2.39 each. Used two $1/2 mfr coupons, and four .50 Target coupons. Paid $5.56 for all four boxes, but got back a $5 Target gift card.
  • 3 J&J Baby Wash - paid .19 each after $1 mfr coupons and $1 Target coupons
  • 1 Gerber bottle - free after $1 Target coupon
  • 1 Tide travel size - free after $1 mfr coupon
  • 2 packs Bic pens - free after $1/2 mfr coupon and $1/2 Target coupon

  • 10 Glade Fabric & Air sprays -they were $2.49 each. I used four Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons, and I lucked out that all of them had $2 Target coupons on them! Soooo, $24.90 - $9.96 (b1g1 coupons) = $14.94... $2 Target coupons x 10 = $20 taken off my transaction! Totally got "paid" $5.06 to buy these :o)

  • 2 Leap Frog Tag readers - Clearanced to $12.48... used a $10 coupon on each one, $2.48 each!! I'm hoping I can find a few more of these... putting them away for Christmas.
  • 1 Friskies cat food - $3.56....used a $3 coupon. Not bad, .56 for a whole bag of cat food.
  • 1 Gerber sippy cups pack - $3.99...used a $1 Target coupon.... $2.99
  • 3 Glade candle tins - $1.66 each, used $2 coupons on 2 and $1.50 on 1, overage of .52
  • 4 Glade scented oil candle refill packs - used Buy 1 Holder get 1 refill free coupons on 3, and used a buy 2 refills get 1 free on the fourth.

I don't even know what my total was...something like $11, before hubby messed me up by throwing a big thing of protein powder in the cart, lol. I told him he was sabotaging me. :o)

I have done surveys with E-Rewards for a few years now...but I never cashed in on my rewards. I finally did last month, I got a magazine subscription for my husband (Men's Health.... I never see that for free, haha)...and $15 in Border's Bucks. I had to wait until the following month to use them, so I was able to this month. I decided to stop in and saw they were having buy 2 get 1 free on all their clearanced books, so I picked up six... seven actually, but I couldn't find anything else that was worth it to buy 2 more of for the seventh book (it was $1)... So, I got all 7 books, for $1.02 (including tax, and using all $15 in Border's Bucks)... not bad! I put all but the Halloween book away for Christmas.
My husband never used to like coffee. After his deployment, he decided he liked it... I'm used to him doing that, he always comes home liking something he wouldn't drink/eat before, haha. We had a tiny two person coffee maker and that was fine, but I went to put the pot in the dishwasher and hit it just right on the shelf, and it broke.

That day, I saw a post about Gevalia, get two boxes of coffee and a coffee maker, for just $14.95 shipped! The coffee maker is much bigger than I expected, but it's very nice.