May 25, 2010

Before I end up with too many pictures from this week to's what's been in my mail the past couple of days.

  Thank you, Franklin Goose!

Thanks to Bethany House for the books, expect reviews soon!

The Sterilite drawers were from Amazon...completely free to me, using gift cards I'd earned for taking surveys.
CVS, $0.00 out of pocket, and earned $8 in ECB.  I spent $8 in ECB so I broke even, but all of this was free! :)

I used Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons, one for the Old Spice, and one for the Gillette, and a $1 CVS coupon for the shampoo.

May 20, 2010

$1.98 out of pocket!

Out of pocket?  $0.00! 

I ended up "losing" $1 in ECB on this deal, but that's not bad.  I earned $1 for my green bag tag, $4 for the Revlon, $4 for the Aussie, and $6.99 for the razor. 

The cashier said "It's like we're paying you to shop!" as she handed me my receipt...  I said "I *know* and that's why this is my favorite store!!"  Haha ;o)

Linens 'N Things

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Linens 'N Things. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love Linens 'N Things.  I don't end up shopping there very often, but I always find lots of great clearance deals.  Most of the towels we use came from there.  They were super cheap on clearance, and are actually really very nice towels.  Big and thick/fluffy.  I love them, they were a great bargain.  I have purchased some great sheets there, at good prices, and I am fairly certain my parents bought a really nice bedding set's been awhile but if I recall correctly I was very tempted to get one for myself as well (I stopped myself because I had just purchased a crazy expensive set online...even though it was mostly paid for by my survey money, it still stung, haha). Have you ever shopped there, online or in store?  What has been your favorite find?  I also purchased a great side table/lamp set there after we bought this house.  I split it up and use the table in my living room and the lamps on my bedside end tables.  I could spend a good couple of hours browsing their stores...they have everything you might need for your home (or for gift giving)! 

I am also one of those crazy people who like to window shop...or web shop, as the case may be.  I love to just browse stores online for ideas and just to see what they have.   I am sure this drives my husband crazy because every time he sees me on the computer I'm "shopping."  Lucky for him I am frugal and don't actually hit the purchase button all that often.  ;o)  I'm way more likely to purchase if there is a great coupon code out, and lucky for all of us, Linens 'N Things has just released an exclusive new code that they would like me to share with all of you readers.  If you use code "MOMBLOG" you'll score free shipping on any order over $26!  This code is good through June 1st, 2010.   I'm in need of new pillows for my couches.  Not a fan of the crazy prints that came on the ones that went with the couches, haha.  What do you think of these?  Good price?    I am off to browse a bit more... let me know if you score anything good! 

Visit my sponsor: Linens 'N Things

All freebies or survey/rebate checks. :o) What's been in your mailbox lately? 

May 14, 2010

::drumroll please::

...and the lucky winner of the Freschetta giveaway is...

Congratulations, Lethia!

Your coupon will be in the mail as soon as possible!

Enjoy your pizza!  :o)

May 13, 2010


.48 out of my own pocket, for a pack of diapers, two bags of candy, and three packages of sandwich crackers. 

Thanks to my mom for the $5 RR I used in the diaper transaction! ;o)  The $3 RR I used for the crackers, was supposed to be for the EOS shaving cream, but my Walgreens runs out of that kind of thing very quickly :o(  I wish they did rain checks for the RRs the same way CVS does.

First, I bought the Contour Meter.  It was on sale for $19.99, and I had a $10 coupon.  I used $10 in ECB's, paid nothing, and got back a $15 ECB.  Made $5 profit!

Then I thought I would end up making money on the next transaction, but I did my math W-R-O-N-G in my hurry to get out the door.  Not unusual for me, haha.  I ended up asking for all of my manufacturer's coupons back when I was checking out and just paying with $15 in ECBs...I didn't make a profit, lost a little, actually, but at least it was all free.

May 11, 2010

Field Trips For All

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Lunchables. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Do you remember going on school field trips when you were a child?  I remember quite a few.  Who didn't love a day "off" from school, to go to fun things with your friends!?  The trip that is coming to mind right now, was a trip to Gettysburg when I was in middle school.  I was new to the state of Pennsylvania, and I had never been before.  As someone who was always a bit of a history buff, and a total nerd for ghost stories, Gettysburg was right up my alley!  I. Loved. It.  To this day, I still love going to Gettysburg, even though I've been many times since.  While I am absolutely terrified to let my babies out of my sight and reallyyyyy don't even want to think about sending my girls to school yet (don't want to...but of course, I have...that time is coming up way too fast!), I am excited for all of the fun new experiences that field trips like the ones I enjoyed as a child will bring to them.  I was saddened (but not surprised) to learn that, according to the American Association of School Administrators, school districts all over the country are cutting out field trips by 56%.  More than half!  How many students might never be able to go on a field trip because of this cut?  They will miss out on some amazing hands on experiences that have the potential to fuel the love of learning.

Lunchables wants to help, and so they have launched a program called "Field Trips For All."  This is the first project from their new program: Project Potential.  They hope to help give children these amazing experiences and opportunities. 
Check out this video!  :o)

Did you know, that anyone over the age of six, can can nominate a deserving classroom by going to  Out of the nominations received,  50 classrooms will be chosen for an awesome and educational field trip experience.  Maybe there is a classroom you would like to nominate?  I'd love to nominate the classroom of one of my favorite teachers, from elementary school!  :o)  I'd like to ask you to spread the word, so that as many children as possible might have a chance at this opportunity!  I'd love to hear about your nominations!  :o)

Click Here

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A little something I got in the mail from BzzAgent!

Love this stuff!  I'm a total girly-girl, I love makeup!  The eyeshadow sticks are SO easy to use, they glide right on, and not too heavy...just right.  The Shineblast, actually reminds me of Bonne smells like watermelon!  It give a nice gloss, though I do wish it had a bit more color to it.  Still, I like it! 

Just another package that arrived from my Franklin Goose order!

I am thinking I will be donating the "Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born" book, while it is a sweet book, my children are not adopted and for their ages it would be confusing to them.  Either way, a huge thank you to Franklin Goose!

Just a few things that I got from my mailbox this week... :o)

Freschetta Pizza

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you like pizza?  I don't think I actually know anyone who doesn't.  We all have our favorite kinds...  my girls love sausage, or just plain cheese.  My husband loves pineapple and onions (ick!), and I personally love a pizza that is easy on the sauce, heavy on the cheese, and loaded with veggies (but, no onions, please!).  What are your favorite pizza toppings?  I was recently given the opportunity to try out Freschetta.  I had not actually ever tried their pizza before...I am not sure why, maybe that I am picky enough with my pizza that I just tend to stick with what I know, what I am sure I will like.  Somebody needs to make me step out of my comfort zone more often, because this is some yummy pizza, and I have been missing out!  I love to keep a couple of frozen pizzas in the freezer for nights when I just haven't thought about what to cook and suddenly it's late and the kids are getting hungry (and cranky!), and my husband will be home soon and "ACK!"  Frozen pizza to the rescue...  add a quick vegetable/dip assortment, and we're good to go!

Freschetta was kind enough to send me a few coupons (Woohoo, coupons!  You *know* that made my day! haha), to allow me to try their products.  I really wanted to try their Freschetta FlatBread pizza, but I had trouble finding them.  They have two new varieties, Zesty Italian, and Roasted Garlic and Spinach (I was really hoping to try that one!).  Have you tried them yet?  Do you like flatbread crusts?  Let me know what you think!  If you're lucky enough to be able to find them near you, they are offering up a coupon for $1 off!

I made the Brick Oven, Roasted Portabella Mushrooms & Spinach, and the Naturally Rising 4-Cheese tonight for a quick and easy dinner, and I must say, I was quite pleased...  for the night off from cooking (thanks, Freschetta!), as well as how yummy they were!  I loved the naturally rising crust.  I loooooove pizza crust (is that weird?).

As an added bonus, they are allowing me to offer my first giveaway for one of the coupons they sent me!!  Enter now by leaving a comment (with a way to contact you!), and I will pick a winner on Friday (5/14)!  I have to make this a quick giveaway because the coupon does expire on the 31st of this month.  I will mail it out right away, and it shouldn't (crossing fingers) take any more than 3-4 days to arrive, so you should have plenty of time to use it.  Please, only enter if you are in the US.

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May 8, 2010

Picked these up from Rite Aid, the Covergirl was on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free, and the Johnson's was on sale for $2.99.  I used a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon on the Covergirl to get both free, and a $1 coupon and a $1 store coupon on the Johnson's to make that .99! 

I really need to start going to Rite Aid more often! :o)
1 Colgate Total - 2.99, minus $1 coupon.  $1.99...earned a $2 ECB.  Free plus .01 profit.
2 2-packs Reach toothbrushes - $3.99...used a Buy 1 Get 1 coupon and a $1 coupon... $2.99/2, and got back a $4 RR for buying both packs...  $1.01 profit!
1 Dawn dish soap - .97, used a $1 coupon, adjusted down so it was just free :o)
1 Venus Breeze razor - $8.49.  Used a $2 coupon.  Got a $6 ECB...that made it just .49!
2 Nivea body wash - $4.88 each.  Used a Buy 1 Get 1 coupon, and a $4 coupon.  $.88/2
2 Nivea Lip balm - $3.99 each.  Used a Buy 1 Get 1 coupon and a $1 coupon.  $2.99/2
Received a $5 ECB for purchasing $15 worth of Nivea...  $1.13 profit!

After using a few ECBs I had on hand, my total out of pocket was .48 (including tax)!   For 9 items?  I'll take it!  Especially since I made a profit with ECBs to roll over into future trips.

May 3, 2010

These were on sale for $1.67/box.  I had a .70 coupon for each box (did not couple..phooey!), so they were .97/box, and I got back a $4 catalina for buying 5! 

I took that $4 catalina, and bought four boxes of Special K using two $1/2 coupons.  They were on sale for 4/$8, so it was $2 total for 4 boxes.  Not too bad :o) I also got back another $3 catalina for purchasing these 4 boxes!