June 23, 2009

Weekly grocery trip... $45.87. Husband approved...but all we really needed was produce and I think I spent too much.

Highlights, found more Pull Ups on clearance... $5.49, 3 packs, used two $3 coupons and one $2.

Land o Lakes butter, 5 for .57 each.

Miniwheats, .50/box

I had a coupon for 2 free Velveeta cups, and a b1g1, so I paid $1 for 4.

Rinaldi pasta sauce, .75/each

Pop Secret popcorn, .80/box.

Land o Lakes deli cheese, .99 for a half pound (got 2 half lbs, used 2 $1 coupons).

Wicker basket, clearance for 3.99 (down from 9.99...but it'll be great in Ava's closet for toys).

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE wicker baskets. I have SO many...any time there is a good deal I get them.
    And totally crackin up at your husband giving the approval, lol!