July 6, 2009

Ava's party supply trip... went to Party City and The Dollar Tree.

Found two of these Princess phones at Party City marked down to .75 each!! I had a 20% off coupon, so they were .60!! I got both, I intended to put them away for Christmas, but the girls saw them and Ava begged for hers the next day... I gave in. I'm a sucker. lol :o)

Party bags from The Dollar Tree... $1 each. I ended up running back in later on for 1 more set...and saw a pack of foam that I thought I could cut into fruit shapes (strawberries and blueberries) to glue on the bags, so $4 spent on party bags.

Party bag favors... Ring Pops, $1/bag. Straws (my mom picked those up), sunglasses were 3.99 after coupon, Flute Whistles, .40 for the pack after the coupon, the frogs, clappers, and tops, were prizes I won after winning tickets at the Hershey Park arcade, lol! So who knows how much they reallllyyy cost, but I was paying to play Ski Ball anyway :P

Strawberry Shortcake 48 pc party favor bag, 7.99 after coupon discount, bracelet 4 pack $3.19, the candy bracelets were $1.59. The strawberry lip glosses were free after coupon doubles at Kmart :o)

For some reason the coupon didn't work on the plain party ware, but it was inexpensive enough anyway, the table cover was on sale for .84, the plain plates were all .75/pack, as were the cups. The pastel ribbons spool was .69, the flatware was .79... the larger SS plates were $1.59, the smaller ones were $1.51. The crepe paper streamers were .50 each (coupon did not work on those either?). The pack of candles was .39! The cupcake candle was .60!

More .75 clearance finds I tucked away.
A Disney Princess mini tea set, and 2 packs of princess tiaras for parties (.60 each after my coupon!!!)
3 Barbie activity mats, including crayons and stickers... .60 each! Thought they'd make good stocking stuffers, or for a rainy day, or to add to a birthday present...or something. Couldn't pass up .60! lol

4 Barbie Jewelry packs, and a pack of stickers (tons of stickers in that thing)... again, .60 each!

Got two of these, Barbie ice cream dishes... put them away, figured the kids could use them with their play kitchen stuff later on the down the road. Also... can you guess?? Yep, .60 each!

.60 each, of course! Barbie goodie bags, but I figured I could use them as stocking stuffers for the girls :o) Filled with stickers, a comb, and some other fun girly Barbie stuff.

Sooo...something like $37.32 on party favors, supplies, and decorations...I don't even know if that is good or not, LOL... and another $10.20 on stuff to put away for whatever and the toy phones, not too bad there, I don't think.

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  1. wow, thats excellent! I cant believe how cheap the phones were!!