August 26, 2009

As a member of BzzAgent every once in awhile I get to try out new products, and of course, Bzz the word.

Just yesterday, these came in the mail for me to try out. I've used a few Burt's Bees products before and most, I do like. The only thing I've tried so far that I don't, is the beeswax chapstick...but it may have just been that I was pregnant when I tried it because it was the smell that bothered me.

I wasn't sure about the cleanser as I was looking at the bottle because it seems so...watery. I thought the same thing as I went to try it out on my face in the shower today, it feels really thin. It worked up into a nice lather though and it felt nice on my face. I've suffered from problem skin for years...and along with the acne, I have dry skin. Lots of facial cleansers burn as I'm using them. For a long time now I've used a Dove cucumber fresh (?) bar on my face because it doesn't sting. Even as gentle as Dove is, even the plain white bars sting. Anyway, I digress... the Burt's Bees didn't even tingle, and my skin felt so smooth after. I haven't tried the Spot Treatment yet, but I'm sure I will soon.

Have you used these products before? What do you think of them?

If you know me, you know I don't pay full price for much...but if this cleanser works as well as it's supposed to I just might buy a bottle after this runs out because it did leave my skin soothed and smooth. At $9.99, I'd consider this a splurge for sure, but if it works, it'll be worth it. Hey Burt's Bees, how about releasing some coupons?? ;o)

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