September 19, 2009

  • 4 Sobe LifeWaters - all free. They were on sale for $1.59, B1G1. Used two B1G1 coupons.
  • Edge Shave Gel - Free. It was on sale for $2. I used a $1 mfr coupon, and a $1.50 store coupon. Got the .50 overage, too! :o)
  • 2 Revlon foundations - $13.xx for both (they were on sale b1g1), then used a $3 store coupon and two $1 mfr that took it down to $8.xx for both.
  • Listerine - Free after $2 coupon and $2 ECB. (paid with ECBs, so completely free)
  • Colgate Total - Free after $1 coupon and $2 ECB (again, paid with ECBs so totally free).
  • 2 Rulers - free "after ECBs" (and before, lol... .99 each, and they were a raincheck item so I got back $1 for each since they round up)
  • 2 M&Ms fun size packs - $1 bump my total up enough to use a $5 off $30 (or 35?) coupon.

Can't remember what I paid (as well as a few other things, obviously, lol), but it wasn't much and I got back $6 in ECB. I think I lost about $4 in ECB/actual money paid (that's what I get for not taking a picture of the receipt and waiting forever to blog, my memory goes, lol)... but still $4 for all that isn't bad, especially when the Revlon is $13.xx each normally! It's my favorite foundation.

This post sucks. Mental note to self, take picture of receipt or keep it by the computer!! ;o)

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