September 23, 2009

Okay. Here is "the stockpile" in the garage. It's really not that much... compared to some of what you'll see on here. I keep health and beauty stuff upstairs in our walk in closet.

Garage is looking a lot better. I can get to all my shelves now and we (meaning the husband, lol) moved the freezer to the other end of the garage. We still need to have a yard sale and clear all that extra stuff out of there...not looking forward to that, I'm no good at yard sales. Once that's done we'll probably move a few more things around but that'll be easy. I'm really torn on what baby gear to keep and what to just move on out. I'm such a pack-rat. I know we can always just get new baby stuff if the need arises, but... we already have it now and it'll bug me to have to buy it again. But at the same time even if the need for that stuff arises in the future, the plan would be for it to be a few years into the future and it'll all just be sitting there collecting dust. I have a bin for clothes to keep, and I'm keeping the highchair because it's really nice... but the swing and stuff? Handy to have, but it can be replaced easily enough. I think I'm just emotionally attached to a lot of it...and that coupled with my need to be prepared for anything just makes me want to hold on to it all. Then the other half of me just wants clutter free space. Hmmm.

I have blogger issues...can't get these pictures in the order I want (or my paragraphs to format they way I want them to! They look fine in compose mode, but when I go to the blog they're all one big long winded thing...NOT my intention. Rawr, lol). This is the "middle shelf" and it's dish detergent, cleaners, smell-good stuffs, paper products, and there are a few cat treats on the bottom.
Snacks, canned goods, condiments, drinks...
juices, water, 2-liters fit well on the bottom shelf there... this one is just random, whatever fits

Small first aid kits, hand soaps, sani-wipes for the car, air/fabric freshener, laundry products, cat litter. The cooler is empty, just got stashed there.

Just freezer stuff... whatever I don't need in the small kitchen freezer.

Yeah, I have a ridiculous amount of hot dogs. But they were all CHEAP, and we usually have a lot of cookouts.

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