October 29, 2009

I.Have.No.Idea. This is another backpost.

But rest assured they were good deals, haha. :o) I think the Glass Plus was b1g1 again and I had $1 coupons so it was like .09 each or something. The crackers will be free after rebate. The AirWick was like $1.99 for both (it was b1g1 and I used $4 coupons). I got the granola bars free. The olive oil was b1g1 at $6.39...I had $1 coupons, so $4.39 for both, good deal on that. The fruit snacks were $4/4, and I had coupons but I don't remember what, I think .40/box so that would have doubled to .80 and made them .20/box.

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