November 27, 2009

Black Friday at TRU... I didn't really need any toys, I went just for the diapers and the free crayons, LOL.

2 packs of diapers, $5 each. Used $2 coupons on each made them just $3/pack!! They were out of the larger regular packs, but $3 is good for this size pack too. My mom also picked up two packs for me so I got four total.

It was a madhouse in there even at 8am (they'd been open since 12am), so after browsing a little and not finding much we went to look at the dvds...I bought 3 for $3.99 and Pocahontas for $9.99. The Swan Princess movies also had stickers on them for a free movie ticket to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or Planet 51. The movies are for Christmas (well, The Dark Crystal isn't...that's mine, LOL).
I don't even know if they had any crayons left...I forgot to look for them. Oh well :o)

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