November 27, 2009

CVS on Black Friday. Just enlarge the reciepts for details :o) I used what ECBs I had to lower my out of pocket on the first transaction, and then just rolled the new ECB's into the next one. The BIC Soleil's are not the correct item, they were out but the cashier substituted them for me so I would still get the ECBs for them. I ended up earning more ECBs than I started with too!! :o)

My total for all four transactions was just SEVENTY ONE CENTS!! For roughly $70 in items! Man, I love CVS.

Transaction 1 - .35 out of pocket.

Transaction 2 - .10 out of pocket.

Transaction 3 - .26 out of pocket.

Transaction 4 - 0.00 out of pocket!

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