December 12, 2009


  • 2 Method hand soaps - $2.99, used $2 coupons, .99 each!
  • 2 Suave body washes - $1.52 each, used a $1/2 coupon, and they were $1.02 each. Not the best, but hubby was using my pretty smelling body wash, haha.
  • 1Gillette body wash, 1 Gillette deodorant...I can't even remember!! (I'm backdating this, the day I'm posting is actually 12/20), I do know the body was was free after I used a Buy 1 Deodorant Get 1 Body Wash Free coupon, and I was able to also use a $1 coupon on the deodorant.
  • 1 Tide Stain Release - $3.99, I used a $1.50 mfr coupon and a $1.50 Target coupon, .99!
  • 1 Fruitabu - Free! Recieved a free item coupon in the mail.
  • 2 Rayovac batteries - $1. Used $1 coupons on each, free!


  • 12 All detergents - $3.50 each. Used a $2 coupon on each, took them down to $1.50 each.

I purchased 8 in one transaction, recieved a $5 Register Reward for spending "$25" (before coupons), and turned around and used that to buy4 more (and some Christmas candy! hehe), not counting the candy because I would have bought that for stocking stuffers anyway, comes out to $13 for 12 things of laundry detergent! Just $1.08 each (before tax).

I ordered 20 coupons from eBay and gave half to my mom (who needs to start posting here *ahem*). I used PayPal from doing surveys so I didn't even have to pay for the coupons. I actually ordered 30 more recently in hopes that they come before Wednesday and I can hit up Food Lion since it's on sale for $2.99!!! It'll be just .99 a bottle, sweet! I'll give half to my mom again and hopefully we won't need detergent for a looooong time (yeah, right! haha).


  • 10 Snuggle fabric sheets - $1.86 each. Used a $2 coupon on each box, and got PAID $1.40 to buy these!
  • 1 travel size Skintimate - $1.47, used a $1.50 coupon and again, got paid .03!

I did purchase a few other items (like a much needed new hair dryer because mine had broken and it's just too cold to be running around with wet hair), so that overage went towards the other items.

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