March 10, 2010

So, this, is my coupon binder.  It's a little worse for wear, I lug it around all the time.  It's been dropped, lost, possibly run over (that was quite an incident!  I thought my poor binder was lost and gone forever!).  I paid about $2 for this binder at a going out of business sale at an office supply store.  I got the baseball card holders at Target, and I think they were $6/pack.  I need to get a new binder and some new divider pages, I'm thinking plastic ones this time, the paper ones are looking rough. 

I keep some store cards, a calculator, scissors, a small notepad, pens (or a marker if that's all I can find at the moment, as showcased above, haha), and sometimes a few random coupons in those front pockets.

In that side pocket there, I keep envelopes for each store I frequent.  I do shop at others, but most commonly I'm working up deals for CVS, Walgreens, Weis Marekts, Target, and Walmart.  There is an envelope for each of those in there, usually filled with a list and coupons for that weeks deals (and the stores RRs or ECBs, etc). 

Usually I have my deals worked up, and I only take my envelopes into the drug stores, and leave the binder in the car.  I usually only take my binder into the grocery store, Target, and Walmart. I have my envelopes filled and ready for those too, but it's nice to have my whole binder for clearance deals I might otherwise miss.  The drug stores are small enough that if I see something that's a great clearance deal and I know I have a coupon for, I just finish my shopping and then check my binder when I get back in the car and run back in.

I have dividers for each "type" of item, and then I have sticky tabs labeled with sub-sections.  IE, the first section is "Drug Items," and in that section there are sub-sections labeled for Makeup, Mouth Care, Femenine Products, Hair Care, Shaving Needs, Medicines, Vitamins, First Aid, etc, etc.  That is my most extensive section, the rest are more simple.  My "Cleaning Products" section has Laundry, Dish Soap, General Cleaning (also where I keep candle type coupons), and Paper Products. I can type up what each section is and has in it, if anyone wants.  I don't even really look at the labels much anymore, I just know right about where to flip to find what I want.

Just a few random pages...

 ...and in the back pocket, I keep rebate forms, receipts I might need for rebates, a few store cards that I use infrequently, store coupon booklets, coupons for restaurants, and occasionally I just throw inserts in there if I haven't had a chance to clip/file them yet.

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