April 7, 2010

Franklin Goose, has definitely earned a loyal customer in me. Their customer service is fantastic, they have a great selection, their products are wonderful, and they have a flat rate of $5 for shipping!

I posted about it before, but last month they had a promotion where you could receive $5 in store credits for every review you did on the products they carry. As a mother of two, who has cloth diapered, and breastfed, I found I had used MANY of the products they carry. I was able to do enough reviews to earn $150 in credits. What a generous offer for them to have put forth! I highly suggest that the next time you are in need of something for your child, or for a baby shower or birthday party, that you check them out.

As for my credits? I was able to order all of this, for $2.30 out of my own pocket. TWO DOLLARS AND THIRTY CENTS!  Amazing.

1: Grandma El's Tear Free Gentle Baby Shampoo
1: Grandma El's Tear Free Gentle Baby Wash
1: Pop Pals
1: Kidco Frozen Treat Tray
1: PlanToys Tie-Up Shoe
1: Haba Toys Lucky Sock Dip Game
1: The Potty Book for Girls
1: Good Night Moon Board Book
1: Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born
1: Badger Basket Natural Two Hamper Set with Liners

I already received the hamper set, and they are lovely!

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