April 5, 2010

Just a few pictures I snapped while I was putting together Easter baskets.  I think I spent about $5 for each basket! 

I got a sheet of stickers in the mail (free!) so I decided to save them, and cut them out to stick in eggs.  

Picked up a couple boxes of these "movie theater" candies at Weis when they were on sale 5/$1 (.20 a box!)...opened them up and used them to fill plastic eggs.

Grabbed a pack of Fruit Strip gum in the checkout lane one day, I think it was about .50, and I used 2-3 sticks to fill eggs with.  

Some random pictures...  they each have several books, all were free to me, bought using Amazon gift cards I'd received for doing surveys!  Same with the Melissa & Doug puzzles, and the dvds of Charlotte's Web (for Charlotte), and Thumbelina (for Ava).  The hula hoops were $1 (from Dollar Tree), as were the baskets.  The plastic eggs were reused from last year.  The sidewalk chalk was $1.xx from Target.  The Jelly Bellys were like .50 from the checkout lanes, and the lollipops/Tinkerbell candy were clearance deals I posted about awhile ago, they were I think marked down to about .30 each and were fillers for Walgreens deals so I'm fairly certain they were free.  The little ballet slippers were Target's $ Spot clearance, .25 each. 

This is just one I made up for my cousin :o)

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