June 10, 2010

Two transactions.  Earned a profit of $3.98 over what I went in with (ECB wise)!  I did spend $1.50 out of pocket, .49 for my first transaction, and my second would have been $0.00, but I donated $1 to whatever foundation they are asking for donations for at the moment, lol...and for some reason it charged me a penny tax on that one, okie dokie then.  :o)  When you consider I spent $1.50 out of pocket, donation included, my profit was $2.48...but hey, profit is profit!

T1 -

4 Glade Scented Oil refills - $2.50 each.  Buy $10, earn $5 ECB.  Used a Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon and a $2/2 coupon.
1 Gilette Proglide razor -$9.97.  Used a $4 coupon.  Earned $5 ECB.
1 Powerbar - .99, earned .99 ECB.

I paid .49 (and used $12 in ECB), and earned $10.99 in ECB, as well as a $5/15 coupon!

T2 -
4 Scrubbing Bubbles - $2.50 each.  Used 2 $2/2 coupons.  Earned $5 ECB for buying $10.
1 Powerbar - .99, earned .99ECB
1 Got2Be Smooth Operator hairspray - $3.99, used a Free Item coupon
2 Mylanta  (looked for Rolaids, couldn't find them, lol)- $3.99.  Used a $4/2 coupon, earned a $4 ECB for buying 2.

Total was $0, used a $5/15 coupon and a $5 ECB...but then donated $1, taking my total to $1.01.

I got a rain check for the Old Spice deodorant, I was going to get some in my second transaction, knowing I was going to have a profit, but they were out.

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