June 9, 2010

What's been in YOUR mailbox recently? 

Winnie the Pooh book and Princess Tea Party CD, free from Amazon!!  (earned gift cards for doing surveys)

Got2B Smooth Operator BzzKit from BzzAgent!  Samples, and coupons galore!  :o)

Woman's Day magazine (free subscription!), and a free sample of Old Spice body wash (perfect for hubby's work bag!)

Free issue of Family Fun magazine, and the Revlon lipstick from Walgreen's...I forget when they offered that.  It also came with a store coupon for Chapstick.

Over $100 in coupons from P&G!  This was a rebate, you had to purchase $50 in P&G products.  The form said after coupons, but I went ahead and sent my receipts in anyways, and I spent no where near $50 after coupons to get this.  I'd venture to say less than $5... if that, lol.

Just to show a few of the coupons that are inside.

We just got a new Royal Farms not too far from us, and they sent us these great coupons.  Lots of free items!

Free Tropicana orange juice!  Used free codes and their Juicy Rewards program. 

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