July 24, 2010

Wooooohoo, I <3 my mom.  As anyone with a child not quite old enough for school yet knows, they can be a handful at times.  I love my little boogers, but a couple hours to myself or with my husband?  Bliss!  What a co-incidence that yesterday my four year old was little miss attitude and/or little miss whine & cry (payback, I am sure), and I was ready to ship her off to her grandparent's for a week.  She calmed down later in the afternoon and was my happy little girl again, but then my mom called and said she wanted the girls today.  Sooooooooooo, girls are now with her for a few hours, and husband and I get the evening to ourselves.  We're going to induldge and order some Chinese takeout, and watch a movie.  Normally I would use this time to do some bargain shopping, but we are pretty well stocked right now and I've already hit CVS this week...no where else I wanted to go.  We could have done dinner out and movie or something, but I am just digging a few hours at home to chill with him.  The girls will have a blast over there too. 

I have some pictures to upload and a few more posts to make, but they might end up waiting until tomorrow.  We had some frugal fun with the kids today, well, it was frugal for us anyway...  I have saved nearly all of my childhood toys that were still in good condition to pass down in the hopes of someday having a girl (and lucky me, I now have two! <3), and as they've gotten old enough to handle different things I pull the boxes out and go through them and let them have what's age appropriate.  Today I went through and pulled out a bunch of old Barbie stuff... SO much fun, for me (trip down memory lane) and them.  I took a picture as I opened one of the boxes so I will have to post it later.

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