August 8, 2010

We recieved a copy of  DVD Read and Share: The Jesus Series, Life and Miracles to watch, courtesy of Book Sneeze. 

It is an animation of the popular children's Read and Share® Bible.  The Jesus Series introduces children to the life of Christ. It is a half-hour presentation of Jesus' ministry along the shores of Lake Galilee and the villages near Nazareth. Children will see Jesus call His disciples, feed 5,000 people, heal the sick, teach about God’s kingdom and introduce the Lord’s Supper.

I watched this with my children, who are two and four years of age and we all enjoyed it.  The animation was eye catching, yet simple.  I really enjoyed the mellow background music and it was nice to cuddle on the couch together and watch this family friendly cartoon while giving my children an opportunity to see these stories come to "life" in a way they can really grasp and understand.  It was great for sparking discussion with them and I just adored all of their innocent questions.  I love that this DVD is not too long, just perfect for their short attention spans.  It was really cute and makes a great addition to our media library. 

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