September 8, 2010


Transaction 1:

I ended up paying .95 out of pocket for all of this.  I used $5 in ECBs to pay with in addition to my coupons, and I got back $5 for the Excedrin, .99 for the gum, and $1.99 for the High Octane chews.  All in all, counting my out of pocket, $2.03 profit. 

Transaction 2:

Paid $0, used a $1.99 ECB, got a $1.99 ECB back.

Transaction 3:

I paid .55 out of pocket, used $15.98 in ECBs and I got a $10 ECB.  I definitely "lost" ECBs on this one, but still, .55 out of my own pocket for 10 shampoo/baby wash/lotions and two pairs of flip flops?  Not bad!  And I'm still left with $10 in ECBs for next week. 


  1. my goodness on the johnson & johnson baby lotions...thats excellent!

  2. I wish it was a limit of two, I would do it again. Lots of baby showers coming up!! lol