September 1, 2010

I haven't put together a list of the funny things my children have come up with lately.  I need to remember to write them down more often.

I keep saying I need to just set my video camera up and let it run all day, it's bound to catch a lot of hilarious moments.

Today my four year old was trying to put together a puzzle and her two year old sister was shaking her chair.  "I can't do it when you're doing that!" and her little sister says "Well, then you are fired!" Hahaha...  nothing like little sisters to teach you how to work under pressure or you're fired?  ;o)

A few days ago, my two year old wanted me to count. So, I started with "1, 2, 3," and she yells "Mommy! That doesn't make any sense!!" She cracks me up.

We have to be careful not to laugh at our four year much because she will often start to cry.  It hurts her feelings to be laughed at.  She's so cute and funny though that it's hard to remember, so we have taken to telling her we are laughing at the dog if we can't hold it in.  If we make the mistake of forgetting and don't have anyone to pin it on, she usually melts into a puddle of tears.  In a pinch one evening when daddy was laughing, I told her to tell him to "Knock it off, girls are sensitive!" and she has been repeating that, which is quite amusing too. 

They are so much fun.  The other day we had a tea party at dinner.  I made an assortment of fun finger foods and let them have a cookie on their dinner plate, they thought that was just awesome.  I made a pot of tea and we talked about manners.  I think that will become a regular thing, they enjoyed it so much.  It's a good thing they don't have any brothers too because they declared it "No Boys Allowed!"  :o)

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