September 2, 2010

Woot...Disney store is offering free shipping today, with code FREESHIP, and they have a lot marked down (check the outlet category too!). Just picked up four things for Christmas, for $20...before sale prices (even with free shipping)? My total would have been $50.

I am slowly making a dent in my Christmas shopping.  Last year I was more or less done by now thanks to Kmart's 50% off clearance toy sale.  I heard they were doing that this year but I wasn't able to make it over to check it out.  I have been shopping all year long of course, but I do still have a bit more to do.  I am not sure I will make it to spending $100 total between my two girls this year like I was able to last year (we'll see!  I need to add up what I've already spent), but at least it will be spread out and not "bam" all at once.  :o)

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