October 10, 2010

$35 toy for $9.90! 

I have been eyeing these for Christmas gifts for the girls.  I got another $10 Kohl's Cash sent to me from the store that recently opened up near by, as well as a 15% off coupon.  The house was on sale 40% off, down to $20.99 from $34.99, and after the $10 Kohl's cash and the 15%, just $9.90!

My mom got a $10 that she said I could have so I can go back and get the other one to make things even, lol.  :o)


  1. I was wondering when you would update ;) I can't believe all the good & cheap deals you are getting for christmas!!! It's been SO much harder this year for me...boo hiss!!
    I also see you're shopping at riteaid more ;)

  2. I am a terrible poster...I shop every week and take my pictures and then get lazy about uploading them, haha.

    I am having fun with Rite Aid! I have paid about $15 out of pocket there so far since I started shopping there but have $30 on the way to me and I don't even know how many UP rewards waiting to be used, $27 I think...maybe more.