October 6, 2010

I really have no idea why blogger keeps turning my pictures on to their sides, lol.
Toys R Us - Total spent: 19.46!  

Beauty and the Beast DVD/Bluray - 22.99
2 Princess dolls - 11.99/each -  23.98
Belle Tea Cart - 24.99
2 mini paint sets - 2/$1
(not pictured) Toy Story 3 Pre-sale - $5

I had pre-ordered Beauty and the Beast for $5 earlier so that took off $5.
Got $10 off Beauty and the Beast for pre-ordering Toy Story
Used a $10 coupon for Beauty and the Beast
Got the Tea Cart FREE for buying $40 in Princess items (the two dolls and the dvd)
Used the $10 gift card I got when I picked up the new Tinkerbell movie a few weeks ago.  :o)

Pretty good deal I think, $20 for $77.96 worth of items! 

I put the dolls/paint sets/tea cart away for Christmas.

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