October 23, 2010

Mail day, courtesy of Amazon and SURVEYS.  All of this was free to me!

Tarzan II was $3.56 shipped, in Like New condition from a third party seller.  I collect Disney movies, but we watch them so I don't really care if they aren't brand new as long as they are in good condition. 

Christmas with the Chipmunks was $4.94 shipped, brand new, sealed, from a third party seller.

The Nutcracker Prince was $2.37 shipped, brand new, factory sealed!  Can you tell I have had Christmas on the brain?  Terrible, I know, it's not even Halloween yet.

I grew up with that version of The Night Before Christmas.  I've been looking for a nice hardcover to read to the girls every year on Christmas Eve, and as I was browsing Amazon this caught my eye.  It was used from a third party seller, but it was $3.37 shipped, and of course all of these items were free to me because I had gift certificates.  It's in really great condition, too, almost like new.  I loved looking at the illustrations as a child, so I'm hoping my girls enjoy it too.  :o)

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