November 2, 2010

CVS:  Total spent = $26.17 out of pocket. 

I was looking to buy Toy Story 3 somewhere and I was originally going to get it from Toys R Us, but I would have actually spent more there and ended up with less that I would actually USE.  I figured getting it at CVS would be better because I spent at least $10 less (for items worth WAY more) and we will actually use everything purchased.


1 Olay body wash - $6.99
1 trial size Secret - $1
2 Oral-B Power Toothbrushes - $4.99 each
1 Charmin Ultra bonus pack - $9.97
1 Bounty 8pk - $6.97
1 Dawn - .97/each
6 Puffs tissues - .97/each
1 Toy Story 3 dvd - $3.99 for purchasing $25 in select P&G products.

I used two $3 coupons on the toothbrushes, making them free after coupons and ECBs ( got $2 back for each)
I used a $5 coupon wyb any Olay and Secret, making them free after coupon/ECBs (got back $3 for the Olay)
I used two .25 coupons on the Dawn...I thought I gave them 3, they might have missed one, but oh well.
I used five .50 coupons on the Puffs.
One .50 coupon on the Bounty
One $1 coupon on the Charmin.

I also used $7 in ECBs (but then I got back $7 so I didn't lose any ECBs).

So all in all, spent $26.17 for $63.63 worth of merchandise, plus got $7 back.  I normally would have balked at spending the $26, but I figured I had been planning to go drop more for less at Toys R Us and this was overall a better deal considering it was a movie I was going to buy anyway. 


  1. I got toy story 3 at rite aid when it was 19.99 but you got back 3 in up rewards. I had an $8 coupon for the blueray version, well rite aid had NONE left. The manager let me use the blue ray coupon on the dvd ....which I thought was awesome!!! So I paid 11.99 oop & got back $3 up rewards. I might have paid less because I bought more things to get my total to $25 to use the 5/25 coupon.