December 30, 2010

I was able to purchase 16 pairs of pajamas for my daughter's for just $36.85.  That works out to $2.30 each!  They ranged in price really from $1.92 - $6...and $30-$34 at their full prices.  My reciept said I saved nearly $500.  Wow!  Now my kiddos don't really need 8 new pairs of pajamas each right now and these will last I am thinking another two years on the size they fit now so I also purchased the next size up to put away.  Four pairs they got now, and the other four pairs (each, so 8 total) were put away for later. 

How I managed this was, I was shopping online when I saw they had some amazing prices on Disney pajama sets, $1.92 for pant sets and $2.40 for nightgown/wand sets.  I had some in my cart when they went out of stock.  I printed the pages with the prices/descriptions and went to Kohl's the next day where they happily matched the online prices for me!  The sets were already on clearance in the store, but for $5-$7 each.  I did end up paying $6 each for two of the nightgowns, online they had been less expensive but I hadn't printed the page with that particular type of nightgown so there was no way they could match that price.  $6 was still not bad for a nice flannel gown though, and considering the amazing deal I was getting on the others I went ahead and got them. 

I also got %15 off for applying for a Kohl's card!  Woohoo!

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  1. that is an awesome deal! and great customer service too!