April 23, 2009

Hit up the Kmart doubles today. My mom watched the girls so I could just take my time and I was in there for probably two hours, lol. I took my binder in with me and just walked up and down every aisle that had stuff I might have a coupon for.

I shouldn't have waited until today because they were out of stock on a bunch of stuff, some I really wanted...bummer, but oh well.

Also, I had a $5 off $50 coupon, but it was the wrong date and I didn't realize until I was already all rung up at check out :o( My total (including tax) came to $10.25 without that $5 coupon (I forget what before coupons...$61-66, somewhere around there...so I saved $50 at least with my coupons).

Suave lotion (big bottle) - $1.19 after doubled coupon
2 Clean and Clear face wash - .49 each (after double coupon...just assume that for the rest, lol)
2 Sure deodorant - .49 each
3 Huggies wipes - free
Hormel Compleats meal - free
Listerine pocket pack - free
flower nail decals - .29 (I thought Ava would get a kcik out of them)
Windex - .50 (I forget exactly, but something close to .50)
Gilette shave cream - free
Carefree liners - free
2 NYC roller lipglosses - free (for the girls)
Jane minerals lipgloss - free
Apple Jacks - .50
2 Halls cough drops - free
Crunch n Clean cat treats - free
4 Pringles - .50 each
Dove shampoo and conditioner - .99 each

Also bought ketchup for my mom because she called while I was in the store... so 28 items for $10.25 = roughly .37 per item. Still not shabby even without the 5 coupon mishap... geez with that coupon it would have been .19 per item, haha...

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