June 18, 2009

My weekly grocery trip, spent $53.64...saved? $80.54. I do feel I could have done better. Also, keep in mind, I stockpile, so this is NOT all my family eats for the week and much of this won't even be consumed this week.

Notice there are no meats or frozen vegetables, I already have plenty in my freezer and didn't see any good bargains on them this week so I opted not to buy any. That's why I love stockpiling, if there isn't a good sale on something we normally use, I don't NEED to buy it. (and I promise there are fresh vegetables and fruit behind the milk, haha)

Some coupon highlights from this trip

  • 8 bags of Chex Mix, 3.36 TOTAL, and it would have been 2.36 but 2 of my coupons didn't double because the cashier put them in manually and didn't scan them. Oh well, that's still .42/bag :o) These were buy 1 get one free, and I could use a coupon on each item. I had several .50 coupons (2 doubled to $1), and a couple $1/2 coupons from the paper. Using two doubled to $1 coupons on 2 bags, made it 2 for .09, and using the two undoubled made 2 bags for 1.09, and using the two $1/2 coupons made 4 bags for $2.18.
  • Coffee-mate, free after a coupon. (I emailed them and complimented their product)
  • Cream cheese, .79 after coupon ($1 coupon from a magazine)
  • Wipes, $1 after coupon (.75 from a home mailer, doubled)
  • Eggs, free after store coupon
  • Land O Lakes butter, .57 each (.55 coupons from the paper, they doubled)
  • Aquafresh toothpaste, free and .50 overage (they paid me to buy it!) (.75 coupon)
  • Gillette body wash AND shampoo, free! (used $1 coupons from the paper on each, store had a $5 off promotion if you bought 2)
  • Reese's Puffs (my husbands addiction), .90/box (.55 coupons, doubled)
  • Turkey Hill diet green tea (also the husbands), .30/each (.35 coupons from emailing them, doubled)
  • Good Life Recipe cat food, $1.49 after coupon ($3 coupon)
  • Digiorno Flatbread melts, 8 for $5 after coupons, and I will get $3 back in a rebate! That's .63 each if you don't count the rebate, .25 each if you do! Can't beat that for quick lunches for hubby to take to work if he needs something. I had a raincheck, so they were $2 each, and I had a variety of coupons, including a free one, a $1.50, and a few others I can't find online right now.
  • Ellio's pizza, $5 for all 4 (2/$5, used 2 b1g1 coupons)
  • Ice cream - 1.50, used a $1 store coupon
  • Activia yogurt, .50 (used a $1 coupon from the paper, and a $1.50 store coupon)
  • Scott toilet tissue, .49 (used a $1 coupon from the paper, and a $2 store coupon)
  • Cascade Rinse Agent, free (home mailer)

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