June 27, 2009

This was a special trip. I didn't need anything, but we were planning a trip to Hershey Park and Giant had a promotion going on where if you bought a $40 of Kraft products, you would recieve a free ticket.
Tickets normally retail $51.95 for adults, so it's a deal in itself...but if you use coupons?? Totally worth it to go shopping and load up on groceries with this promotion since we were going to have to buy tickets anyway.
Bought all of that, spent $96.23 (total savings listed on receipt, $117.72), and got 4 free tickets (and gas points)!! Now, I normally would NOT spend what I did on those particular items, however the tickets would have cost $207.80 to just buy at the park... so overall it was not bad at ALL.
The manager at Giant was totally impressive as well... we had I think 8 packs of hot dogs on our list (they were b1g1 and the free didn't count for the $40 amount, so we would have only been buying 4, actually) to make the deal work...but once we got there, of course on the last day of the promotion, they were OUT of Oscar Mayer dogs... my mom talked to the manager, and he said to just get everything else on our list, and he would "make it work," so that we got all four tickets like we had planned to. NICE customer service. And yay for mom who doesn't give up like I probably would have and just bought something else on the list without coupons :o)
Also, I know, picture quality is horrible... my camera is on the fritz :o(
What did I end up buying?
6 Breakstones sour cream
2 Cool Whip
3 Digiorno pizzas
4 California Pizza Kitchen pizzas
1 Triscuit
1 Honey Maid Graham crackers
1 Wheat Thins toasted chips
7 Chips Ahoy cookies
7 Capri Suns
2 bricks of Philly Cream Cheese
2 Deli Fresh lunch meats
1 Kraft dressing
1 Kraft bbq sauce
2 Kraft cheese chunks
1 Planters Peanuts jar
1 Crystal Lights
1 larger Crystal Light
8 Wheat Thins
Still hard to believe, all that, AND four tickets...for less than the cost of four tickets!

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