July 10, 2009

Kmart was (may still be?) having a clearance event in addition to the double coupons... take an additional 50% off the lowest clearance price on toys...as well as a $5 off $20 in toys coupon out! I started Christmas shopping early (as well as a few things for birthdays coming up and just to tuck away in the gift closet). I tried to keep my purchases in groups of $20 to make use of the coupon. Could have done better on one transaction, but I didn't have time to shop for another "set."

4 Dove deodorants, free after coupon doubles

2 Snow White dolls, $3 each (originally $11.49!)

1 Little Einstein's play set $x (down from $16.99)

Play Doh 50 colors play set, $5.50...but sign on the shelf said $8.80, so I could take my reciept in and get $1.10 back if the sign is still there... down from $12.99

Disney Princess arts & crafts backpack, $2.50 (clearanced to $5...no idea on original price)

3 Cinderella games, $1.50 (down from $11.49!!)

2 Dora notebooks, $1 each (orignally $3.99)

Disney crayon/art set, $1.50 (originally $5.99)

Carebears, $6.50 each (I don't know what they were, but clearance price was $13 before the sale)

Dora travel art set, $2.50 (don't know this one's original price, but, clearanced to $5 before sale)

3 Barbie Tinkerbell dress up slippers, $1 each (clearance was $2, but again, don't know the orig price on these)

This was 2 transactions, one for $17.97, and another for $19.08! Total on all of that then was $37.05... Going by original and clearance for the ones I don't know the original price of, that's a savings of $108.90 just counting the toys!! $118.24 if you add in the free Dove. I can live with that :o)

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