July 10, 2009

Kmart Doubles!

1 Pantene, free

2pack of Reach toothbrushes, free

4 Snapples, free

3 Edge shave gel, free

1 Dove deodorant, free

2 packs of gum, .30/each (Charlotte grabbed one and chewed the package open while I was checking out, so I had to get that, and then I needed about .20 more anyway to get my total before coupons up to $50 to use the $5 off $50 coupon, so I bought another one, lol)

Reach floss, free

4 Glade candle tins, .29/each

Dora the Explorer Candyland, $3

Pictureka card game, .99

Barbie pets pack, $1.25

Act Mouthwash, .59

Keebler cookies, $1

Total after $5/50 store coupon, and manufacturers coupons, $4.96 (tax was $1.39)

According to the receipt, total savings was $54.95...but I don't know if that counts clearance price savings or what, lol.

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