July 21, 2009

Ran in to CVS today.

I had a "plan" as always, but out of stock stuff threw me off. I should be used to that, lol... I should just bring a small notebook and a pen in with me for calculations, haha.

Anyway.. I ended up with,
2 packs of 10 pens, .99 each
2 notebooks, .99 each (used a raincheck from last week)
2 packs of paper, $2 each
2 Honey Nut Cheerios cereal cups, $1 each. Used a $1 coupon (IE or Firefox ), made them free.
2 Febreeze Noticables, $6.50 each (I had a raincheck), used a $4 coupon on each, making them $2.50
2 Speed Sticks, $2.99 each (they were out of these, I asked for a rain check, and they told me to just pick any other kind they had and they'd price match and still give me the ECB. Threw off my calculations again, but it's okay, lol) and I had $1.50 off coupons for each.
1 Binder, $3(not the correct one, I had asked for a raincheck on that too, but they offered a better quality substitution... again, threw off my calculations... so I only ended up with 1 instead of the 2 I had wanted since I was expecting a rain check... but oh well, no big deal..)

Total spent (thank you $3 binder and $2.98 Speedstick I wasn't expecting to purchase right then! LOL...I had enough ECB's to cover only one, the Speedstick or the binder...not both)... $3.81, after coupons and ECB's I had on hand.

Earned... $4 for the paper, $1.98 for the pens

$4 for the Speedstick, $2 for the notebooks, $3 for the binder, and $10 for the Febreeze
So I spent $3.81 and got back just under $25! My reciept said I saved $42.88...

And I always like to see my spending vs my savings on my reciept, even if they don't keep it current, it's close enough. My Summer 2009 Spending, $1.89 (as of 7/13)...year to date savings? $315.10 (I don't think that includes manufacturer's coupons either)!!! I'm not sure what my Fall, Winter and Spring spending were...but I think they were all very low...If I remember correctly Spring was $12.xx.

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