July 21, 2009

  • Ava's been in bed since about 7 tonight... I don't know if she actually fell asleep again (she took a late nap on the couch), but she was quiet. She just came down to use the potty (she just haaaas to tell me when she has to, lol, it's funny)... took care of that, tucked her back in and she says "Mommy my tummy was just growlin'! Growlin' and growlin' for a banana." LOL... so we came downstairs, had a banana, and she's back in bed. Silly girl.
  • To go with her having to tell me when she has to go potty, the other morning I woke up early to her in our bed, sound asleep. When she woke up and I asked her why she came to our bed, she said because "I was TRYING to tell you I had to go potty! But you wouldn't wake up!" Ohhh... so, did she go potty, I asked? "No, 'cause you wouldn't wake up. I just got in your bed and went to sleep." Ooookay, then. :o) She will actually go in to the bathroom, remember that she didn't tell me, and run back out to tell me before going back in to go... lol.
  •  So, the other day in the car, Ava asked for her baby (doll). I asked her which one, and she replies "The one that doesn't talk." ??? Well, she has lots of dolls, and none of her dolls talk (well one did, but it needs new batteries). Soooo, I'd like to know what all her other dolls are talking to her about, haha.
  • Ava picks up a toy phone, "Hello?? You wake me up. You know that? Okay. Bye!" ::sigh:: "It was a telemarker." (yes, telemarker, lol) 
  •  The girls are sitting on my bed watching a movie while I am cleaning upstairs, I hear this: Ava: Charlotte! Did you touch my flip flop? Charlotte: Yeah. Ava: Why? Charlotte: 'Cause. Ava: Well. Hold on. I go tell mommy. ::pitter patter of little feet:: Ava: Mommy, Charlotte touch my flip flop and IT WAS MINE! r.o.f.l.
  • And my kids aren't the only funny ones around here... only I'm a different kind of funny than they are, lol. The dryer attacked me today and it was totally my fault. I opened the door really fast, and stuck my arm in to grab clothes... well I went in at an angle and my arm got caught on the... the things that stick out to help tumble the clothes. Pulled my arm with it and squished it at the top of the dryer door. OW. It was all red for a bit and now that's gone but it still hurts.

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