July 20, 2009

Why pay for veggies when you can just walk into your backyard and get what you need? :o)

Picked these earlier today...

The next two pictures, were from last week. I loooove all the zucchini and yellow squash... and the girls are quite enjoying being able to pick peas and just eat them outside, lol. With all their help, I doubt I will end up getting enough at one time for a meal :o) They are a tasty little snack though, nice and sweet.

I'm really just playing aroud this year, I've never planted a veggie garden before so it's been a fun learning experience. Next year I'll be able to plan better now that I have seen first hand how big some things get and how much space they need and hopefully I'll get more return. I'd like to add in two (or more? lol) more raised beds. I have the wood for one, but I'm a bit ocd about having things even so I need to get enough for another before I bribe the husband in to putting them together. I guessssss I could put them together myself... if I have to... buuut I keep him around for a reason, you know! For playing with tools and taking out the trash. ;o)

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