July 11, 2009

Kmart toy clearance again... I think I'm done for now! LOL... I really spent WAY more than I'd planned to this past week with all the toys, but when you figure how much of a dent on Christmas/birthdays it has done, it's not so bad.

4 Disney Princess dolls, 2.50 each, down from 9.99
Cinderella board game, 4.50, originally 17.99
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse play set, 16.50... was originally 43.99...so the sticker on it says, lol
Bathing Suit baby doll, 2.50 (down from 10)
Little Einsteins Rocket playset, xx... down from $43.99 ;P
found another Princess arts & crafts backpack, 2.50 (clearanced at $5)
Glade candle tin, .29
4 Dove deodorants, free
Listerine Strips Pocketpack, free

Used the $5/20 coupon for each transaction (did 2), paid about $38 for everything...receipt is in my wallet...


Ran in to Walgreens to use a RR that was expiring... 3 Listerines at $3 each. Used 3 $2 coupons. Grabbed the highlighter as a filler (.14) and was intending to just pay .14 + tax on all after using the $3 RR I had... buuuut I am a sucker and bought a PayDay because the cashier (my favorite one) would get credit for it :o) I should have told her to take the highlighter off since I didn't need it then, but oh well. Total was $1.38 and I got another $3 RR.

Went to CVS to do the Febreeze deal, but they didn't have the Noticeables so I couldn't... oh well. I had a $4 ECB that was expiring the next day I knew I wouldn't be able to use, so I browsed around and ended up grabbing this puzzle to tuck away with the Christmas stash, total after ECB, $0.00...

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