August 21, 2009

Ran in to CVS, they were out of stock on what I went for...but they had a few things that I had rainchecks for so I snapped them up.

  • 2 mini staplers - .99 each (with a .99 ECB for each)
  • 4 Sharpie highlighter 4 packs - .99 each, used a $1 coupon on each (1 was adjusted down to .96, so no overage)
  • 2 folders - I couldn't find the folders in my raincheck, but the manager came over and offered to let me choose from a different set (of more expensive) folders...they were originally $1.99 each, got them for .49 each (and they both gave me a .49 ECB) total was just over $3 after tax. I used $3 in ECB...which took care of everything before tax so I paid nothing, and got back $3 in ECB (raincheck ECBs seem to round up to the nearest $1 or .50 for me?)

The folders are really pretty. The girls are going to have a ton of stuff to choose from once they start school... I like that, we can just do most of our Back to School Shopping at home when the time comes if I just keep up with the free stuff :o)

Also, 45 pictures from Walgreens, .25!! (.27 after tax)

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