August 21, 2009

The Second Trip... to Kmart Doubles!

  • 4 Glade sprays - $1.29 each, used two Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons, made all four FREE.
  • 3 Glade Scented Oil refill packs - .33 each (used two $1.50 coupons, and one Buy2Get1)
  • 1 Listerine Pocket pack - free after $1 coupon doubled.
  • 2 Clean & Clear face wash - .49 each after $2 coupons.
  • 3 Scrubbing Bubbles - .50 each
  • 2 Glade Scented Oil Tins - Free after $2 coupons doubled (cashier actually put these in manually and just doubled to $4 so I got a little overage..they didn't want to scan)

The Glade refill packs and the Tins were an awesome deal... if you had coupons to start with, there are $1.50 coupons on any refill or candle in the Tins, use those to get the refill pack for .49, and in the refill packs (the 3 packs...most anyway) are $2 coupons and the Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupons for the refill packs. Just keep on rolling them to get the tins free and the refill packs for .33 each!

The $3 off $20 of Edible or Consumable coupon scanned just fine, and I ended up spending $1.03 on the above, the Kmart coupon even ate up some of the tax!!

Then of course I forced my super sweet husband to use some coupons too... :o)
  • 1 Lysol Neutra Air double pack - FREE after using a $1.50 coupon
  • 1 Crunch 'n Clean dog biscuits - FREE after $2 coupon
  • 1 Nature's Source cleaner - FREE after $1 coupon
  • 2 Glade sprays - FREE after a Buy 1 Get 1 coupon doubled.
  • 4 Glade candle tins - FREE after $2 coupons doubled.
  • 2 Party Mix cat treats - FREE after $1 coupons doubled.

Used the $3 off Edible or Consumable coupon first, and it scanned just fine...

I swiped my card to pay, and then when I got outside wondered how on earth I ended up having to pay anything but tax... and then we noticed the negative behind the total!! They ended up crediting us $2.23!! Cashier must not have noticed either. So everything was free, tax was paid for by the $3 Kmart coupon, and they PAID ME TO SHOP. Even if you figure I spent $1.03 on the first set of items, I still came out ahead.
Love that! :o)
I also got a coupon for Free Milkbone dog treats for buying the Crunch 'n Clean, so there's even more profit. Not a bad haul at all.

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  1. wow, thats amazing!!! love how they paid YOU to shop!