August 4, 2009

Total for all the above? $8.27.

  • Glade fabric & air spray, was $3.49. I had a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon, so that made them $1.75 each...buuuut, I also had two $2 Target coupons, which can be combined with a manufacturers coupon, so they actually PAID me .50 to buy two!! Freeeee :o)
  • That black blob there is a tank top... I paid $2.50 for it. No coupon. Wooooo, big spender, lol.
  • Pop Tarts were $1.52, used a .75 Target coupon, took them down to .77, used a .55 manufacturers coupon, made them a whopping 22 cents...
  • 6 cups of Kashi cereal, they were $1 each, and I used $1 Target coupons on each of them. All free.
  • Bush's baked beans... $1.67... no coupon...but they were cheaper than at the grocery store, haha... see, I pay full price for things sometimes!
  • 2 Softsoap refills, $2.50, used $2 Target coupons on each, making them .50, then I also had $1 manufacturers coupons for each, so, got "paid" $1 to buy them!
  • Johnson's Travel First Aid Kit, .99, used a $1 coupon.. free.
  • 4 packs of Nexcare bandages, .99 each, used $1 coupons on each. All free.
  • 2 packs of Leap Frog puzzles. Intended to put them away...but Ava saw them in the bag...had to open a pack (as shown in the picture) and the girls each got a puzzle, lol. They were on clearance for $1.24 (for 3 puzzles in a pack, not bad!)
  • 2 "Potty Putty" things... .48 each, clearance... figured stocking stuffer kinda deal... they'll have fun with the noise, lol.
  • Also not pictured, two Disney books from the Dollar $1 each, of course, lol.

Not a bad haul for $8 and some change.

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