August 4, 2009

I used to shop at Food Lion quite a bit when we lived in VA...they used to send me coupons for free items all the time (especially loved the free produce coupons). We have one here but it's a little far to go for my regular shopping...but I planned to go since I was going to be in the's not too far from my parent's house.

  • 2 pounds of turkey lunchmeat, b1g1 (a little over 2lbs, actually)
  • 1 pound of roast beef
  • 1 pack of kaiser rolls, free with purchase of roast beef. used a $3 off $10 deli purchase coupon, roughly $10 for all that...not too bad for 3lbs of lunchmeat and a pack of rolls.
  • 2 jars of Ragu, used a $1 off 2 coupon, and a $1 store coupon on each. They were $2 each, so that took off $3, and made them .50 each!
  • 25ft of aluminum foil, free after store coupon!
  • Healthy Choice frozen entree, free after a $2 coupon!
  • Baby wipes, .12 after a $1.50 store coupon.
  • Hi-C juice boxes, $1 after a $1 store coupon.
  • Rubbing alcohol, free after store coupon!
  • Green Giant canned corn, free after $1 store coupon

Total spent, $12.88!

You can only use one like store coupon per transaction there, so since the husband was with me, he also purchased a few items. Got to love a man who isn't afraid to use a coupon ;o)

He got everything I got, minus the lunchmeat (no way we could have used 6lbs of lunchmeat before it would spoil, haha). His total, came to $2.22!!

For aluminum foil, rubbing alcohol, baby wipes, Hi-C juice boxes, 2 (big!) jars of Ragu, and a can of Green Giant corn...not bad when the Hi-C juice boxes were on sale for $2 themselves!! Or one jar of Ragu was on sale for $2.

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