August 3, 2009

Well, this could be fun :o) If we can figure it out, I'm going to open this blog to allow my mom to post too. I learned SO much from her about coupons and how to work the sales. She's also hilarious, and thinks of everything that I don't, lol, so she'll be a great addition to the blog.

My husband joked once that the way we share our "coupon stories" that it's like The Coupon Wars, so if we can get this up and running, that's what I'll title the blog.

Stay tuned! :o)


  1. Elena aka Mom09 September, 2009

    weeeellll my invite expired, guess i need another one :) So until then I will just comment, LOL.
    1st comment: brb, these pancakes are really good, love walmarts microwavable pancakes!!!
    2nd comment: I'm baaaaccckkk
    3rd comment: Speaking of walmart, i ran to browse and picked up 2 airwick i motion kits on sale for 5 bucks each, used 2 4.00 off Q's making out of pocket 2 bucks, but I noticed in the freezer isle they finally have those chicken ringos, now if i could only find my walmart coupon :)