September 11, 2009

Dear Target,

I shop at your store a LOT. I don't think it's too much to ask to expect a pleasant shopping experience, and usually it is delivered. Target, please train your store employees on your corporate coupon policies. This particular Target I'm referencing refused to accept a coupon for a higher value than the item purchased. They refuse to simply adjust the coupon value down as per policy. Please train store associates, especially at the front desk (because that is the LAST place in the store I would expect what happened), not to patronize customers. An employee (her name was Andrea) actually bent down, pointed at my coupon and spoke to me in a childlike voice and said "Now, you knowwwww better than to use this coupon." I was using the correct coupon on the correct item, and the problem was they would not adjust it. Very disrespectful to accuse and patronize. I asked to use their phone to call Target Corporate, she told me I was unlikely to get through to anyone. I had to ask again before she would allow me to, and as I was on the phone she went behind my back and giggled with another employee that "I knew better." Completely unacceptable. I left before actually reaching Target Corporate because I was so offended.

Not only that, but I was charged for the item, and the service desk KEPT the item. So I had to make another phone call to corporate this morning when I realized the item was still on my receipt (I called after I left the store) to see what to do about that, who then told me I had to go back to the store, and ask to speak to a GSPL who would review their tapes to see if I actually had the item or not. Greaaaaaaaaaaat customer service.


  1. that is such BS!!! also, sounds JUST like my target. on 2 occassions I witnessed employees 'talking about me'. I've call corporate COUNTLESS times. I dont understand why it is sod difficult for them to understand their policy. Its very simply.

  2. I just saw that their coupon policy is online now!!

    I will be printing that and bringing it with me when I go back in and I will be using several of the same coupon as long as they still have the items, lol.

  3. I love being armed with accurate information. It stops cashiers like this in their tracks. Knowledge is power!