September 9, 2009

Had some ECBs to burn and nothing really good to roll them on or time to sit and at look at the ad before I ran in.

Ended up with this:

  • 1 M&Ms (for the girls) - .67

  • 3 girls flip flops (summer clearance) - .29/each (not really my style, but for running around in the back yard at that price? sure!)

  • 2 Composition books - .99/each (used a raincheck, and got back a $2 ECB for buying them)

  • 1 Hand Soap - used a free item coupon (store was out when the coupon was valid, said they would continue to accept after the expiration)

  • 1 pumpkin decoration - 3.99

  • 1 fall word decoration - 4.99 (was supposed to be 25% off of that though...)

Used a $9.99 ECB and a $1.98 ECB...paid .53 out of pocket, and earned the $2 for the notebooks.

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