September 15, 2009

I went grocery shopping today for the first time in awhile (aside from quick run ins for milk/produce/the odd sale item). Filled TWO carts! I forgot my card so I had to wait in the store while my mom ran back to my house to get it... so by the time I was actually finished checking out, it was nearing time for our visit with the in-laws and I had to get everything inside and put away, the freezer stuff had to be put away quick... no time for pictures today. I'm a visual person so I know that sucks, lol. Sorry! :P

A few of the good purchases were:

  • 2 - 25lb bags of Tidy Cat litter, b1g1 (used a raincheck) - $4.29, used two $1 coupons... two for $2.29!

  • LOTS of Green Giant boxed veggies, they were $1/each, and I used several .55 off 1 coupons (doubled to $1.10), and several $1 off 2 coupons. So, free plus .05 overage to .50/box!

  • Totinos Pizza Rolls were $1/box, and I had some .55/2 (doubled to $1.10) and $1/2 more than .50/box

  • 4 - Welch's Grape Jelly in the squeeze bottles, $1.50 each and used .75 coupons that doubled to make them free.

  • Bunches of Del Monte canned vegetables...they were on sale 4/$3, and if you bought $20 worth you got a $5 coupon for your next order...not a bad deal. I prefer frozen veggies, but husband prefers canned.

  • Picked up some PowerAde for the husband, 15 for $10, just .66 each.

  • Used a few .50 coupons for Dole fruit that doubled, and got .05 overage on each can.
  • Crayola Gum 2-packs of toothbrushes were on sale for $1, I got 3, and used a .75 coupon on each, so free and got .50 overage on each... the Crayola Gum flosser packs were $1 too, I got 3 of those and used .55 coupons, free plus .10 overage on each of those.

  • Did the General Mills catalina deal twice, so I got two $10 off your next order coupons (did two transactions)...and also got several $1 off your next order coupons, but I have no idea what triggered them.

Obviously, I purchased a LOT more...fresh fruits and veggies, lunch meats, soups, cheeses, yogurt, etc, etc... Two carts FULL for $226.64....252 items, my receipt says... that's roughly .90 per item if you like to figure things that way, which I don't think is bad at all. I saved just over $220!

And I got back in Catalinas: two $10, $5, five $1's, and a .75! That's $30.75 in catalinas to use again.

I went back in though and got a pack of diapers and 2 packs of Kotex pads, used a $3 coupon on the diapers, two $1 coupons on the Kotex, and the $5, four $1, and the .75 catalinas...paid 22 cents for that order, and got back a $2 catalina for spending over $12... so I still have $23 in catalinas.


  1. To what amount does your Weis double? Mine goes just to $0.50 :(

    For me, that's the ONLY downside to shopping there. Love it otherwise!

  2. Mine doubles anything under $1. A .75 will double to $1.50. I love that :o) I would be sad if they changed it.